First blog post

Hey everyone I wanted to make this blog to show you what I luv to do as far as crafting and and also other amaizing things I do with my family I also might start posting show notes of the YouTube podcast that I make for my knitting adventures and all the good things that comes within that I also have to say that I am enjoying this community a whole lot I never thought there were so many wonderful people out here I have to say thank you to those that subscribe to my channel and for those who are just checking my channel subscribe hit like is free and lets join each other in this amaizing community I can’t wait to share all these fun things I will be making or getting into.

Why cant i just usahhhhh

When your gut tells you something is wrong and you try to ignore it i swear it is the worst feeling ever when you dont want to think negative but something inside you tells you otherwise is a horrible feeling when you ask if there is something wrong and they tell you no and you know there is something wrong ill just usaaaahhh and let god tell me wwhats best for a sign or something i just hate this feeling

I have to say have you guys shop in ROSS!

I was so looking in to some youtube videos on stores to shop and so I ran into ROSS I have to say it is better then Marshalls and tjmax and ajwrights like omg the clothes is amazing and they have nice brands to I love it I had so much visiting this store is amaizing they have better items for the house frames decor nd much more and the prices are amaizing I would like show you some of the items I got and I even got some stuff for my girls like unicorn sheets and drawing books they really like them crayons twisting crayons also but at a much affordable price I wanted to stay there everything was so pretty and very affordable ok my laptop acting funny now but I will post pictures of what I got I even got my hubby some shorts from there omg I spend like 200 dollars but it was worth it also I got my mom some sports bras there and some cute shirts but I dont have them to show you guys but I have like the things I got except the unicorns bedsheets and the one I got for my bed but the rest of the things I got this is so exiting if you guys like my blogs let me know I have to do this more often I enjoy this very much I luv you guys as you can see I show everything I am into here and my family as well this is very fun to me I will take pictures and post them here as soon as in a few minutes jajajajajaja who is enjoying this weather because I sure am

have you ever felt like something is wrong with men!

well here I have a story to tell you about a friend who was living her best life oh so she thought she was so happy she said I am with the best men in the world and he won’t do me wrong until one day she was about to go to sleep and her men fell asleep first so he thought she fell asleep and she had this weird feeling in her gut and couldn’t sleep then all of a sudden her men says a name in his sleep and she wonder if she herd wrong but then he stated how much he would like to this girl and how he misses her pretty face and what not so she hesitated to look in his phone because she trust him and he could never hurt her so she thought she went to the bathroom and walked around her apartment to think because she is known to be lash out very harsh when she is angry but then again his phone was taunting her that night to check it so she gave in she looked at his pictures and there was many pictures of his kids and hers in it she smile she stated he could never disappoint me he knows what is at stake here they were best friends before they made it into a relationship here we have the best friend that stated he would never do what her ex had done to her so she said to herself no he would never hurt me so she started looking in his instagram for this name he called out in his sleep wishing their was nothing so in his instagram nothing kool she said is my head fucking with me then something told her to look in facebook and the girl was there I saw the picture I stated nah he wouldn’t do such thing then something told me her to his message to see if he had hit this girl up or if he did and their it was a message from him to her and her to him the things he had wrote to this girl was very upsetting to this girl and she couldn’t sleep that night let alone a lot was on her mind she never thought she would be going through this again let alone she was with this best friend for like 1 1/2 years and this is what she sees this was very upsetting to her she didnt know what to do she comfronted him and he claims that she is like a cousin but she told him cousins dont speak to each other like this she feels betrayed also he acted as if the girl was crazy that he didn’t do nothing his girl let him know that is not your cousin because she knew it was bullshit and so he gave a bucket of lies he swore he would never do it again any who so she is his cousin but he claims he erase her from his page then she wasn’t your cousin right but whatever the girl feels betrayed and will not forgive him a few days later from the incident she gets drunk and she couldn’t contain her tears their he was the guy she didn’t want to move on fast with looking at her as if nothing happened and she couldn’t contend her tears from falling down her eyes she couldn’t believe he did such things he literally wrote to her on some shorty like and it hurt her much what do you think about this story even though she is still with him she feels like something is wrong like he is upto no good you think she would ever trust him agin or will she eventually let it go he is a wonderful men but why is it that a girl can not meat a loyal men or is it that this is bound to happened and the female has to work it out I mean is there anyone out there feels like this are all men like this? whose to say the girl is still with him but fears he will do wrong by her that’s just something she is putting up with the truth is she don’t know if she will trust a men ever again also why do good women get treated like this then they wonder why women are so cruel and why they get the end of the stick then maybe you should stop being asshole and do write

have you ever had a month when things just don’t go as plan!

well here goes this month things are going crazy the bills are ganging up on us and I feel like I’m drowning I would like to have a job but I am disabled witch sucks and I have twin girls who needs me and the weather is starting to get good I have to think of something I mean the girls need to go out and enjoy the sun this quarantine has taken a toll on me and sometimes I feel useless and well I know I do a lot but sometimes I feel like it is not enough life is hard I am gonna start spending less to get through and pay all my credit cards like they are killing me but the again I shouldn’t use them like crazy and well now here are. the consequences so I have to be responsible and pay them so lets see what happens also good news I finished paying off target and that’s something to celebrate I guess but over all life is good we have health and my son graduates this year from high school and my girls as well they will be in six grade this coming September so I guess is not bad right have a good day everyone!

Hey how many on you moms settlle for what you have because you think their is nothing more in life and as time passes bye he is still doing the same things like talking to women or girls behind your back and you choose to ignore it and act as if you dont know but you do and your hurt but your so confuse you been with this guy for so long that you dont want to loose him but at the same time are you gonna tolerate the lies and the caters he gives you or ur gonna get up and say stop i cant do this anymore the truth is your gonna stay in that predicament because you love and because you probably dont want to alone and i know this hurts but what you do you stick to him you need to be strong and let it loose dont wait till he puts you through worse or you find him cheating because them things hurt and we need to stick up to oursel we owe to ourselves to stops these bastards from treating us like shit we are valueble amaizing women we dont deserve this the first time you see sometbing and your gut is tlling check u better check because their is something there and then you gotta give the cold shoulder and tell them to leave

My eyebrows look crazy right but wait till you see when they look sex c also ill show here what foundation and primer is working for me and i am in luv now ur girl looks amaizing here what you think i feel amaizing inside out but i mean makeup helps

Here i am using anastasia brow wiz in the shade medium brown my favorite i have like five new ones is my go to

Here is my becca foundation and my favorite primer the best primer

Here i have some soft and gentle highlighter from mac and i am using a bronzer from tooface

And here is the completed look for mothers day

So here in the morning my son got me flowers witch did i mention i luv roses and yeah did you see i have almost no eyebrows i have natural beauty but sometimes i like to glam up you know jump out of my comfort and look cute ya girl here look super hot okayyyy

Sometimes a little effort to make you feel good is enough to get ur day going here i am using anastasia Beverly browwiz in the color medium brown and i look crazy we all do when we getting them done but after is bomb then here i have my favorite primer and foundation is becca it makes you look so bronze but at the same time is so light i fell back in luv with it again i havent got cute in a while and you know what i miss this and i will get up get dress up and get cute for me to be possitive and it also gives me that extra push to continue my day oh and yeah we all look good with or without makeup i have too faced brozer on as well and love and gentle from mac highlighter and on my eyes i used inglot and mac eyeshadow and elf liquid eye liner and yes baby girl we looking goood here this was my mothers day outfit and look hope you like it