First blog post

Hey everyone I wanted to make this blog to show you what I luv to do as far as crafting and and also other amaizing things I do with my family I also might start posting show notes of the YouTube podcast that I make for my knitting adventures and all the good things that comes within that I also have to say that I am enjoying this community a whole lot I never thought there were so many wonderful people out here I have to say thank you to those that subscribe to my channel and for those who are just checking my channel subscribe hit like is free and lets join each other in this amaizing community I can’t wait to share all these fun things I will be making or getting into.

how is everyone doing?

I am doing fine the stress I had digress a bit so I am taking it day by day and I learn to let it go if it cannot get fix because in the end I am the one to get sick so I choose me first because later on he will come into his senses but anyways over all I am ok and the kids are great back to the remote crazy world of learning I am knitting again and creating inserts for my planners and I am living what I am doing I am also enjoying life and all the blessings god is giving me and my family life is short to be stressing random things time to live shine and progress you guys if your into planners and you would like to make your own inserts and have what you need in your inserts and you pick the theme and the design you want weather is hourly vertical horrizontal and much more you have a small fee monthly of $10.00 a month or $100.00 for the year and you can download and print as many as you want is amazing is called check it out ill do a flip through of my planner and the inserts I created and trying them out nd changing things to see what works for me yeah I even finish my sons sweater and I finish my scrappy flax light shirt and it looks great I am just enjoying life and day by day

just venting

I notice that I take a lot of things to the heart and stress myself over things I can’t change so I will let certain things go because it can’t be fix unless they want to fix it but until then let it go I’ve been through a lot for the past four years and I am not about to put myself through more if I can’t fix it I will let it go but I won’t tolerate is to be disrespected again I might have to take things away if this continues but I need a usahhhhhh day to relax and stay away from it all

As time passes i see the bigger picture now!

Sometime we do so much for our kids that we dorget we here and that we feel to i finally came to the conclusion that giving everthing to your kids because you didnt have it wasnt the best way in the future they dont see how you feel and push you away i am here pouring out my heart beacause i have noone to talk to and yeah maybe i am this annoying bitch people say i am but i know for a fact i am a hell of a great mother when you think your happy and your not when you believe everything is cuming together and its not when the one person you thought would never hurt you hurts you when is your child that talks back at you when desrespecting me is ok for him and because he is 18 he thinks is ok when i see i mean nothing to him nomore and he states to dont talk to him that hit me in the heart when your son tells you at my dad im in piece and at home their is this negative vibe the question is when did we grew apart when did my son stop luving me or caring when did i became annoying and pestering to him when a parent tells you that everything i do is for you and that i do everything for we dont take things out on you of what we bought you we are not throwing it in your face we telling you what we do for you regardless and when you make anything happened to give him everything and he thinks is ok to be rude and disrespectful twards me thats when i have to put my foot down and let him know i am your mom and you have to listen to me while you live in this house you have to respect me i feel so bad like i did something wrong i know i didnt but it hurts my son for me has been and will always be my everything and my girls but i thought i had a special bond with him i guess not when did he in his mind think is ok to yell at his mother and question when i tell him to do something wao all i can say i am shock but i will move foward and do right by the girls i raised him right he is 18 now is time for me to do things for the girls and hope and pray they dont hate me like it seems my son those i haveent been vlogging because i havent been feeling well has anyone gone through these faces with their 18 year old because lord knows it hurts my soul

today is a very bizzy day!

i went to the dermatology to get two injections for my psoriasis and boy did they hurt! i mean the pinch didn’t hurt me but the medication wao it felt like it burned as it went in also i got light headed but thankfully it went away. the hubby took the girls to cookies and he got them pajamas and then we went to children’s place where he got the girls a bunch of nice shirts yes my hubby nice and then we had a nice walk as the girls ate pizza me and the hubby ate mangos for snack that was so yummy then after that we went to the nail salon where i did my nails and eye brows oh yeah and hubby got me three pair of leggings he took the girls to the park while i was doing my nails and they had donut and water he is such a blessing then we came home where i started a another sock just cuz yeah i knit guys jajajaja is my favorite hobby other then working out and planners feeling pretty luv the hubby he is nice a bit to nice sometimes my baby he makes me so happy even though sometimes i cant help my mood swings i say sorry because he puts up with my mood swings but i love baby perfect hubby father and step father to my kids did i mention he got my son another game yeah he has another one over all sometimes you have to bite your toungue because god always have someone for you out there sometimes is in front of you and you dont see it i am happy it turned out to be my best friend and dont want it any other way

hey everyone how are you doing today?

i hope everyone is safe and maintaining social distancing to asure your love ones are safe as i am to. so where have i been other then working out and joining the fall fit challenge i mention to you guys i have been eating healthy and drinking a lot of water drinking my medication and just staying humble. my hubby tommy is also taking the products and drinking a lot of water and eating healthy as well as working out. i have to say that we are such a happy couple and that i wouldnt want anything else in life. i am blessed with my three kids and his two so that means i have five kids and love them all very much. life has thrown a lot of storms my way but i have been able to maintain and move forward and keep it possitive. though their were times i felt like life is over for me my kids and my hubby picks me right back up. i am thankful and happy god gave us the opportunity to live a beautiful life together and to push our self further and getting out of debt together has been our goal this year. yes money is tight right now but when all the debt be payed off we are gonna strive for bigger things. like a house thats our next step and hubby getting a car so that we can go places with the kids and live a wonderful life together. i am not saying that life is peachy nice alll the time no but for me it really feels like it is because i have such a wonderful men in my life and i know we gonna go far together.

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today is another day in this corona virus!

so yes we need to stay safe and wear the mask all the time stay in small groups and 6” apart and sanitize your hands when outside and wear gloves in the trains and buses if you see someone sneeze go to another wagon and or bus you have to keep yourself safe life is hard as it is and you have to remember you and your kids have to stay safe and remember one step at a time life is great and tuff and we have to adjust to the way of living and make it work I am just making it work and say eat healthy and workout and get into some type of crafting so that you keep your self dizzy and enjoy family time to the max

here are my results? and i am not done yet still working on it my goal is 130 i am at 151 pounds

now in these pictures you can see my before picture of when i started the challenge witch was august 1 2020 and then you see my after pictures and you will see a huge difference and i am joining the new challenge that starts september 1 2020 till september 21 2020 i have to say if you want to stay consistent you join all the challenges and use the knowledge you learn from the chat and the workouts and you will get results by the way i was 160 poinds in august 1 2020 and i am at 151 pounds now so yes i am happy and i am doing this also you do eat is not just shakes you eat a lot and in the chats you get ideas from all the girls and gents because we have all the benefits for men as well for the challenges and visit my business and let me know if you need help and if you want to join this amaizing team if you decide to joing me i will be your coach and anything we talk together we will keep it amongs us

photo_2020-08-24_22-16-41 my results.jpg

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