First blog post

Hey everyone I wanted to make this blog to show you what I luv to do as far as crafting and and also other amaizing things I do with my family I also might start posting show notes of the YouTube podcast that I make for my knitting adventures and all the good things that comes within that I also have to say that I am enjoying this community a whole lot I never thought there were so many wonderful people out here I have to say thank you to those that subscribe to my channel and for those who are just checking my channel subscribe hit like is free and lets join each other in this amaizing community I can’t wait to share all these fun things I will be making or getting into.

How is everyone doing?

I have to say the gender reveal of my cuzzing Tita was nice she is having a boy I was right and their were fire crackers involve it was beautiful I have to say I am so happy for her she was so happy and she enjoy her self a lot I had a great time I stood over for the weekend and I love being there they treat us so good and I love the environment was nice and her house is lovely she has a massive back yard and pool, trampoline, a little park for the kids and even a small pool for the little kids lots of parking space and a nice barbecue spot I had to much fun we had distance from each other enuf and we had a couple of drinks and my cook some of the food and everyone enjoy their time also manitos family brong food and drinks and so did he Jessica did a great job she created games for the event and lots of prices and she decorated the place real nice she is good at decorating we took pictures and we had an amazing time they are very friendly and it feels good to stay over very welcoming she is living the live now and I know she is so happy Tita she deserve it I am happy for her and her men manito such a nice guy my hubby had a great time manito and him hit it off good and now we are all happy life is great and I love my life now to I have an amazing men by my side Tommy life is great and my kids love him and so those the family his kids love me to so we have five kids his two and my three what did you do this weekend? I also went to Walmart and I got a couple of yarn yes I know I said I wasn’t but I had to also I got a few cross stitch kits more like two also found a nice thimble and a dinning mat for tutorials on knitting and other crafts and today I cut my yorkies hair yeah I groomed her myself I have to say I did a great job at it she looks so cute and she don’t like me right now but is ok she looks good later I will take a picture of her and post it so you guys can see I also took her a bath she loves getting in the water but when it is time to groome her she don’t like you but is ok she is next to me now I guess she is good now hubby is working today and I can’t wait to see him I miss him a lot I might be a pain in the ass but I love my hubby my son is happy that I am finally happy with someone who is worthy of him and his mom also they are playing Pokemon and my son from another mother is here he gonna get me sushi I believe is dragon rolls I can’t wait they are delicious and yeah great day thus far

omg I forgot to let you guys know that I change rooms!

yes now I am moved to the small room in the house and the craft room is my old big room. I have to say I am so happy is not done yet but everything fit perfect omg so much room and I have a vanity area as well I have different furniture but it works my computer section and where all my yarn is in its place I am so happy you guys we just have to paint the room and ill buy the furniture little by little to match but over all everything has its place. the small room is not so small if my queen size bed and the tall dresser and the mirror dresser fit as well isn’t that crazy also we put like three poles on top of the mirror dresser to hang our clothes and guess what it fits is true there is a small space to walk but I can deal with that. the hubby is 6 foot 2″ and he is ok with it lolz he is the best. kitchen got a new metal rack and it is more spacious I got rid of the dining table and move things around well the hubby did and it looks great I am so happy. the only thing left to do is the paint in the yarn room and my sofas in the living room and paint it as well change the tables and maybe a small rug not sure but we will see. I have been knitting on my old projects and I have been enjoying knitting on some baby socks since my sister and godsister are having a baby oh witch tomorrow we find out what my god sister is having I know that my sister is having a boy I can’t wait to make him a cardigan and a hat or some booties but for now I am knitting on some baby socks super fun to do and easy to knit so yeah also I still haven’t knit on my sons sweater but ill get to it the truth is I knit like halve of both sleeves but I know his arms are 24″ so I’m ok with that I am also happy to say I got my mom knitting again she is making a hat so I cast on a hat as well super happy she is knitting with me that’s good hopefully she don’t quit and life and the kids are great my health is doing ok I can’t complain have a great day everyone

Good Morning everyone? Here is what I am gonna get into today?

it is still am so we are eating cereal me and the kids that is. the hubby is at work today they called him in. that’s great news because he had been out of work for a while since the pandemic. he was so happy they called him in, he loves to work. as we are eating cereal my mom calls me and ask if is ok for me to go visit her, and I said sure we meet you in your house in a hour. jj is cuming with us that’s great news. being that he likes to be home more then going out. I guess ill be painting ceramics with mom today and she is gonna wash my hair and straighten it that is great. hubby like my hair straight. anywho I guess the organization of my craft room will be done later and washing clothes. hopefully the hubby don’t be upset. I dought it but yeah and then when I come home I will get to the washing clothes and organizing the craft beauty kids room I guess that’s what it is now. is gonna be such a great day today seing my mom is always a blessing love spending time with my mom. my life is great guys amaizing I feel the fresh air and no stress this is the life. also my small room don’t feel small is spaciouse and practical this is gonna bee great I cantwait till I show you guys how it looks. such a great start in the morning for me and the kids we will spending the day with grandma and grandpa. and their dog minie .

so the day finally came where i change rooms! from my big bedroom to the yarn tiny room!

while on Saturday I decided to move rooms! so on Saturday my bed arrives and I decided in the evening that I wanted to move rooms boy what am I getting my self into! I mean hey I know I am a bit crazy, who moves rooms in the evening right! any who my hubby wasn’t please with the time I wanted to do things but the wonderful men that he is said ok so then things started moving fast and boy did we all got hurt here and there with the furniture. so my son move the big dresser with the hubby to the room. hubby thought the dresser didn’t fit but I was right and it did fit. then my son had fun with my old book case a beat it with a bat and got his frustration off. that was funny but he broke it , also it was not gonna come out the door anyways so yeah. he was happy. then we build the queen size bed and hubby was surprise that we can open the drawers with no problem also because it is the smallest room in the house. then today we put the tall dresser in the small room to he also thought we wouldn’t be able to open drawers but we can. he is such a funny men he makes me so happy. any who today I started getting my yarn room together and boy was there so much to deal with. but the truth I do have a lot of stuff. I didn’t know I had all that stuff in the small room. but I have struggle with how I am gonna put things but then it came to me the ideas and all the things in mind. now I have a section for a vanity so ill have my makeup there different furniture but hey it works. I also have a yarn section and a computer slash work section also a bookshelf that my son gave me. he also gave me his old desk and chair. so that’s part of my vanity area. I also have a black table my mom gave me and I put my sewing machine on it so there is access to use it now. this is so neat I have an area for all my favorite things to do. planner area, yarn are, sewing area, book area, area for my twins to play at the center on the floor in the room. I am still not done with room yet as far as organizing but getting there. I am actually happy with the changes we did so yea this is great.

so how is everyone doing today? I have to say I feel slightly better but there is always a but right!

so my head hurts and my neck hurts I was knitting on a pair of vanilla socks and I kinda fell asleep and like 8 stitches drop off my needles and yes I was knitting the fleegle heel on these socks and yes I was so upset and rip them out yes I did I ripped them of or what we call frogged them but truth is I started the sock all over again yes I did but I rather do the heel flap and gusset instead I also knit on my sons flax sweater the sleeves and also had him try his sweater on the good thing is he loves it and he wants the cuff of the sweater to be kinda wide that’s weird but that’s what he wants so that’s what he will have right I did finish one of my twins socks now I have to start the other one for my other twin so yeah that’s gonna take a long time I don’t know about you guys but I noticed I am a selfish knitter yes I said it is ok right is ok to only want to knit for your self right I love knitting garments and socks and hats and shawls and I have two flaxlight garments almost done I just need to knit the sleeves well on one of them I will make tiny sleeves like a t-shirt type and the other one will be up to my elbow and I haven’t done that but I will have a podcast this Sunday so stay tune for that this weekend I will show like I believe two finish objects and some works in progress also I have been working on my mitered square blanket and I fell back in love with it again so that’s what I have been doing thus far what are you working on?

it is such a great idea that we can finally get out the house now? even if it is for a little bit!

I was told I can go outside today! boy was I happy to hear that! so I already maid plans to stay at my moms house tomorrow for two days. yes I miss her so much I know she don’t read my blog because I keep this private from her but I do love my mom dearly. did I mention I can finally get some air and go outside. this is gonna be great my step father bought me a pink bunny mask to wear now that I was told I can go outside. great news I believe certain shops will open up tomorrow but I am not looking forward to going shopping outside. but I am so happy I can finally go for a walk and get some real air. truth is I don’t know what to once we are free to out again. have of the time the hubby ask me babe what you want from outside and I swear I don’t even remember what is out there. but hey its good to know I can step a foot out the house for a bit. well I am staying at my moms house for two days. yes I will be knitting but we can chat watch movies and eat popcorn or play her famous game Chinese checkers yeah she beats everyone in that game and we gonna play dominos and unos cards yeah I sound like a kid but I am exited to spend some time with my mom and step dad. did I mention I am 37 years old and I beat my mom twice in Chinese checkers yeah she is that good at it. I believe we going to Walmart on Saturday gonna get my kids cereal and some snacks. also I enjoy the fact that my family and my hubby get along. life is great now and I am living a stress free life this guy Tommy is wonderful. I swear things are very light for me the way he treats my kids the wonderful father that he is is what got me with him. my son gets along with him and they get along very well and that makes me happy. my girls love him he is so loving and caring he has two kids of his own and he is on point with his kids. I just have no complains other then he snores so loud I can’t sleep with him but over all I love my baby he makes me and the kids all five of them happy and with that I am supper happy myself.

so a few days ago I went to city island with my mom and stepdad!

I won’t be eating food from outside for a while I tell you that much. although I did enjoy the shrimp with fries and the Pina colada. I have to say later on at night I had a sharp pain and I ended up throwing up my guts yes it was bad the pain in my stomach was horrible and I have to say the only thing I ate during the day that could have cost that was the shrimp I ate at city island. I have been sick for two days since with fever and stomach pain but thank god I don’t have corona virus I was scared that it was that. the truth is I didn’t get out the car but you know you may never know how you get it right. any who I woke up today better then the last two days willing to do everything got up and got my girls on their school meetings on time and ate breakfast with them and also lunch. yesterday I couldn’t do that I was messed up! like I was in bed all day with pain and fever so far the fever went away. also I had a massive headache. but today I am full of energy and I want to do everything. so today I set up a game day yeah you herd me we will be playing board games today as a family and ill post some pictures. the hubby is a big help he took care of me as a men should and cater to the kids. I couldn’t have ask for anything better in life. truth be told I never thought we would end up together but it happened and I am super happy it did. life is better now for me and my kids or should I say our kids.

when will this pandemic be over? how I am feeling lately!

I don’t mind being home with my kids I love them to death but being able to go to the coffee shop helps to get away from the chaos sometimes. I mean we moms deserve a break but how those one get a brake when you are not allowed to go outside from your medical doctors! I am not saying I can’t handle them or that they bother me! is just sometimes we need a break and that they bother me never say that. but even to take them out to eat and stuff. this is kinda stressful. did I mention I have twin Gorgs girls that are autistic with developmental delays and adhd so yeah my work is cut out for me. they are a hand full but adorable. but their are these days that they are a bit too much and I just feel like crying. because it becomes a lot at times. and they get themselves into things they know they are not suppose to. I love my kids but I miss my old life I know that will never come back. I mean I get it. but god please help me. in the mean time I will knit and try to usaaaaaaaaaa for a bit or just take a bubble bath to unwind. and breath.

who factor! can you believe apple was charging me for numerous apps and I was not aware of it?

I wasn’t looking into my bank account before because I was stress or into some thing and never really looked into my bank account. until my boyfriend ask me why are you being charge numerous times on apple and my response was I don’t know. so then one day we decided to look into it and realize that almost $300.00 was being charge in a month but I never realize it. so I called my bank and the bank file a claim and I was returned almost $500 dollars back. so be aware to where your money is going because all this time I could of been saving or buying things for the house and I was being scam. any who the situation was fix and I no longer have that problem. I tell you one thing I make sure to look at my bank statement everyday to make sure I am not being scam again. thanks to my boyfriend I am now aware of this matter and check my status on a daily basis.