First blog post

Hey everyone I wanted to make this blog to show you what I luv to do as far as crafting and and also other amaizing things I do with my family I also might start posting show notes of the YouTube podcast that I make for my knitting adventures and all the good things that comes within that I also have to say that I am enjoying this community a whole lot I never thought there were so many wonderful people out here I have to say thank you to those that subscribe to my channel and for those who are just checking my channel subscribe hit like is free and lets join each other in this amaizing community I can’t wait to share all these fun things I will be making or getting into.

Can you believe this

My babygirl wears winter clothes in the summer yesterday was the hottest day in a while and she wore this in the house Jesus and in the winter she wears summer clothes she is super weird I luv her

How i knit when we go to Pennsylvania to stay at a family house

my cuzzin tita lives out there and she is so nice to have us in her house and we stood over but while the ride is long to get there this is what i do i knit and i actually finish these socks on my way over there that was crazy but true i also started the the second pair so yeah perfect car knitting time i luv it lolz i knit every where i go so that was great and i also had a great time over at her house

family time

yesterday i had a great time with the hubby and the kids omg we went to pelham bay park and had a blast we sat in the gras ate dinner we practically had a picnic and we play around and we even chase each other that was so funny the hubby has been playing with us on the swings and more i have to say he has been spending time with us and really making an effort to be around us and to do more things as a family thats amaizing i am so in luv with this monkey he makes me happy and he has been doing everything he can to change and he has been showing so we are supper happy we all are sometimes when you are with someone for to loong you forget to do things that matters and you get comfortable and just stop and that happened with us but now we are in track of things and we are back where we were but better now our comunication is better and we argue less and we try to compromise together and things are working out better i am so happy you guys and i am gratefull for all the blessings