Ladycraftsalot83 podcast episode 12 part one and two show notes for my podcast

Welcome to Ladycraftsalot83 Podccast episode # 12
I am your host Nereida coming to you from my home in the Bronx New York where I live
You can find me here:

I am always in instagram posting pictures of me my craftiness life and my family enjoy take a look it’s fun

Here you can send me patterns to test knit or if you have a shop and you don’t mind sending some of your creativity to review or for giveaways I’ll flatter to make it happen I’ll be so exited to share your amaizing pricess with the viewers

FOS πŸ’βœ…

 1. I got the blues socks for the hubby 

 β€’ Pattern by my knitted heart vanilla socks I use this pattern for my son two is amaizing and easy

 β€’ Co 72 sts

 β€’ Yarn used patrons kroy socks stripes 2 balls of this yarn because they are 50 grams 

 β€’ Heel is heel flap and gusset

 β€’ I also put some monkey πŸ’ buttons on them I thought it was cute being that I always say he is my monkey πŸ˜‚ 

 2. Birthday cake socks the color is amaizing 

 β€’ Yarn is hedgehog fibers sock in the color birthday cake πŸŽ‚ is gorgs 

 β€’ Needle I use is hiya hiya sharps in size 2.25 40″ cables 

 β€’ Pattern used harmonies everyday socks

 β€’ Heel is fish kiss lip heel 

 3. Bloody sprinkles of colors sock

 β€’ Yarn lion brand yarn sock ease Daren dye this luvly color

 β€’ Needles I use hiya hiya sharps in the size 2.25 32″circulars 

 β€’ Heel fish kiss lip heel

 β€’ Boy did I luv this yarn amaizing 

 1. Find your fade shawl by Andrea Mowry I was scare of this shawl but when I started I fell in luv it is amaizing and it uses 7 skeins but I am currently in the 4th color green with speckles luv it I am in section 7 where you start to drop one (yo) it is kook is getting a different shape luv it 

 β€’ I am using lion brand yarn in sock ease witch Daren a friend of mine who works at lion brand dye the yarns I am currently using 

 β€’ I am also using addi turbo us size 3 needles size 4 40″ cable 

 2. Granny stripes blanket I am so living this is so much fun and I don’t have to think while doing this did I mention is crochet lolz 

 β€’ I am using scraps of yarn from socks I have maid and so yeah fingering weight yarns 

 β€’ I am using crochet hook size D 3.0mm

 3. I haven’t pick up my metered square blanket and manage to put a few squares In so yeah

 4. My flax sweater by tin can knits 

 β€’ Yarn used vannas choice 7oz purple 

 β€’ Needle size 6 for the yoke and 8 40″ circulars

 β€’ In the size medium

 1. Honey mustard socks for Jj

 β€’ Yarn lion brand sock ease in the color lemon drop

 β€’ Yarn blue sock yarn from Annie’s 

 β€’ Pattern pebbles socks by Mina Phillip

 β€’ Needles signature needle arts 2.25mm 40″

 1. Sucre Sucre Miniatures 

 β€’ Ice scream cone with sprinkles

 β€’ Cherry cheesecake

 β€’ Carrot πŸ₯• cake 

 2. ColourRedefined shop on Etsy I got some stitch markers for me and my girlfriends at lion brand

 β€’ A 🐼 bear stitch marker 3 one for me and one for Verna and Patricia

 β€’ A πŸ¦† one luv it

 β€’ They send me some lockstitch markers

 3. Fatesthread m&ms stitch markers they are so cute and colorful cute (etsy)

 4. Mrs brown bags did I mention I am obsessed (etsy)

 β€’ I have the rainbow 🌈 bag 2 of them 

 β€’ One is a drawstring bag luv it

 β€’ Lots of different purples

 β€’ I also have a one of a kid bag made with like scraps of the fabric I luv this one to

 β€’ One berry one pinks luv it I luv all her bags 

 β€’ In total I have gotten 8 of her bags and this was not all in one shot this was over the past few months of stress and they bring me joy that’s all I’m saying 

 5. Limitless crafter (etsy)I had to have this

 β€’ Butterflies and fun 🌈 colors it just maid me happy she also maid me a bracelet that was so sweet

 6. Chicken soup designs (etsy) omg her bags are so luvly

 β€’ Gummy bears in fun colors drawstring project bag with rainbow stars I mean perfect

 β€’ Notion pouch with same fabric

 β€’ Can u believe this a stitch marker notion is so cute

 7. Gynecologist yarns 

 β€’ Glitz sock self striping

 β€’ Colorway pyreflies

 β€’ 75% superwash merino 20% nylon 5% stellina 

 β€’ 438 yards 

 8. Gnome acres yarn

 β€’ Fingering sock

 β€’ Scruffy gnome

 β€’ In the watermelon πŸ‰ colorway

 β€’ 85% sw merino 15% donegal tweed nylon

 β€’ 435 yards

 9. Gnome acres yarn

 β€’ Fingering sock

 β€’ Sparkle gnome 

 β€’ No place like gnome colorway

 β€’ 435 yards

 β€’ 75% sw merino 20% nylon 5% sparkle power 

 10. Badwolfgirlsstudios yarn (etsy)

 β€’ Vintage darling colorway

 11. Badwolfgirlsstudios yarn (etsy)

 β€’ Little Christmas πŸŽ„ tree

 12. Fiber for people yarn 

 β€’ 400 yards 80% sw merino 10% cashmere 10% nylon

 13. Fiber for people yarn

 β€’ 400 yards 80% sw merino 10% cashmere 10% nylon

 14. Fiber for people yarn

 β€’ 80% sw bfl 20% nylon

 15. Alex creates yarn

 β€’ 2 disco heavens for socks

 β€’ 2 trolls with is purple 

 β€’ 1 salt water taffy

Threads and fabric sewing project

 Before anything I used a YouTube tutorial by hueloco holiday bag sewing how to omg I luv her non the less I maid three bags πŸ’Ό lolz 

 1. Flower 🌺 fabric and yellow fabric lining and a white zipper the bag turned out better then when I first started I was more confident in using my sewing machine 

 2. I was so happy with this 

 Flower fabric in blue and lining grey n small 🌺 this one I am so in luv with it turned out perfect and I even used it for my sock birthday πŸŽ‰ cake πŸŽ‚ my favorite bag maid by me and my favorite socks 

 3. The last bag I try making well kinda got ruined and this well I kinda fixs this idk I like it but I might put it for a giveaway or something lolz πŸ˜‚ I am gonna called it bag gone wild 
My world your world bladder πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

 β€’ So I remember mentioning that I would like to open up a shop I figured out a name for my shop just want to see what else I can come up with the brand and things like

 β€’ I will be making stitch markers ass well

 β€’ There will be project bags and notion bags as well 

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