Hey everyone

I have been going through a lot for the last three months problems with the hubby my health and of course dealing with my twins they are artistic with developmental delays yes it has been hard but I swear I can deal with my twins even though their behavior is jumpy but dealing with the hubby has been the worse to me what is wrong with men being so ungrateful I don’t understand my hubby has a wife who pays the rent and buys the food and buys the mayoritario of the necessities needed in the house all he Pay is the light and the cable all I ask for is help mind you my rent is $980 bucks and I don’t get help from welfare or coupons I wish I had that help no help there he complains and expects me to help him when he needs but how I have three kids lots of appointments and all I receive is ssi and my twin girls you know I told him he has to support his family because I have the heavier load and that’s his job to make things a little easier on half but no all get is complains and I also get acuse of being with someone else when the truth is what time I have for such ignorance my son hates seeing me go through this but sometimes we women are so blind by love that we forget we exist I stop being for me to be for him lately I stop caring bout him because I am constantly getting verbally abuse by him and I don’t deserve it my son is 16 yrs old and I am afraid one day my son is going to loose his temper on I even left my hubby out in the streets for two weeks change the locks and I figure that would teach him a lesson being that he always tells me boys this my pockets are always broke so I left him out where were his friends and his family at none care no friends around and so felt bad for him and took him in he had told me he misses us and that I was right that the people he always claim was loyal to him wasn’t and so I took him in again like a retard I fell bad for him sleeping in the streets and eating butter bred and coffee and of course did I mention he has a bad alcohol problem when he drinks he take things out on me Jesus we have been together for 9 yrs and this happens lord help me what advise ya give me oh yeah and he raise my twins since I was 1 week pregnant they only know him as daddy this is crazy I finally move to bigger apartment we are living good and that isn’t enough he comes home to a loyal wife he knows what I am doing and where I am and that’s not enough I don’t know what to think 🤔

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