Zumba has been working out great for me and eating healthy

I have to say I look twenty times better now then I did tree months ago but I have been eating small portions and drinking lots of water hardly no candy and staying away from fry foods witch is hard but yeah trying to stay focus on my goals and looking gd for myself not for no one and because I feel more energized and wanting more of that change I just wanted to change my wais because life is hard and I was letting myself go and I was to comfortable and I needed a wake up call my cussing tita had send me a picture and said to me since when you let yourself go I was shock at the picture she had send me like boy was she right I was always on point and I had never let myself go like nw look at the picture from beforethis was bad real bad for me I was a 13 in pants and slowly becoming a large in shirts boy was I crazy sometimes mother hood and being wife plays a toll on us women or men and we forget we exist and just do for our kids and hubby that we forget we exist well now I worry about me first and second then my kids n hubby because let’s face it men and women look so why not give our women or men a better reason to look at you more then the outsiders we are not gonna get that model figure or that instagram body that we see in picture we will look better I believe everyone’s metabolism, is different so don’t force yourself to look like Thalia because even she took two ribs out to obtain a smaller waist let’s look good for ourselves and work hard for our goals if surgery is what your into then hey do it is for your own well being but I suggest to first try to loose the weight and tone your body before you make that decision another some things might work for others and some don’t you have to find what works for you and don’t rush into things don’t say in a moth I’ll starve and loose 25 pounds no do it the right way I do Herbalife sometimes I also eat healthy sometimes I also luv snacks so just find the snacks and healthy food you like and change it around a bit also let’s incourage ourselves more we can do it now their are these amaizing people who loose an abonden amount of weight and have loose skin if this is your case and tightening it those not work then surgery might be your best option but do not go to the first place you see and make a payment without doing your research always check your life should matter and if you have a family do not risk your life I have to say I have what is considered a but stomach I am not happy about it but I am gonna continue working out now if I don’t see a difference I might do what is called a body couture where is later and it soppose to tighten and also remove excess fat but that will be my last resort until then loosing weight and working out is my jam I do Zumba if you guys and women luv to dance then this is the way to be if not go to the gym but do not over work your self it is not healthy and yeah if you want to ask me any questions or anything involving my journey ask I am here for you guys

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