family time

yesterday i had a great time with the hubby and the kids omg we went to pelham bay park and had a blast we sat in the gras ate dinner we practically had a picnic and we play around and we even chase each other that was so funny the hubby has been playing with us on the swings and more i have to say he has been spending time with us and really making an effort to be around us and to do more things as a family thats amaizing i am so in luv with this monkey he makes me happy and he has been doing everything he can to change and he has been showing so we are supper happy we all are sometimes when you are with someone for to loong you forget to do things that matters and you get comfortable and just stop and that happened with us but now we are in track of things and we are back where we were but better now our comunication is better and we argue less and we try to compromise together and things are working out better i am so happy you guys and i am gratefull for all the blessings

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