A little bit on how I feel!

I’ve notice that as I get older I get wiser and I see things different I want more In life then I use to I also wanna build something like get a house for me and my kids and a car I want to live a healthy life and enjoy every moment with my kids I do understand that my twins are autistic with developmental delays and that’s hard to deal with at times but I still want to make things happen for them and my son my son on the other hand is going to be 16 this July 26 and I want him to succeed in life I also don’t want to get him into drama with my spouse but at the same time I need to think what’s best for us because as of right now I don’t think my relationship is healthy I do believe he holds me back a lot because I see we don’t want the same thing in life we are two totally opposite people he has maid some choices now where I am not happy I look at him different their are just some things that when a men gets a wife and kids in his life you just shouldn’t do in the long wrong I know is gonna bite me in the ass but I just need a change and start with myself and also with my kids my life is not easy many people believe I have money because I get what I want and when I want things but the truth is I struggle because I do the majority of the work in the house and my kids are still young but things with get into shape I have a wonderful son who treats me like gold who always takes care of me and spoils me like crazy a young who I have taught right from wrong who isin title to give an opinion and speak his mind and he is my life soon he will be working and off to college so things will get better I don’t know when is the right time to let go of this person I’ve share nine years of my life with who at times it seams like he is getting worse and worse like instead of him doing better that’s not the case I can tell you I am prepared for what is coming because I’ve been their before but how you let go of someone who means so much to you how do you brake that bond when in reality he has broken it this is my truth

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