hey guys I am so tired right now!

I couldn’t sleep last night it seems I still think bout the asshole and I am stupid for doing so but I guess is gonna take me a minute to really get use to the fact that we are no longer together I swear this is the hardest thing I had to in a long time I am still not use to him not being next to me or around for that matter lord give me the strength I need to overcome this heart break I know I was the one who ended this but I had to he no longer respected me nor gave a fuck about me or my kids any advice friends I don’t talk to my family about my problems because they have their own to deal with sometimes I feel alone the truth is now that he is not here there are no more arguments nor drama in the house but I have to say I do miss that asshole I really do but being with him is not a healthy life for me nor my kids this is the hardest thing I ever dealt with because nine years for me is hard to let go but it seems that for him has been easy to move one I cant believe I gave him my all to begin with tears and nights of very little sleep is what I get now I barely sleep thinking if he is ok or not I know is wrong because he don’t think about me but what can I do?

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