self love is important! why?

for once in a long time I have put myself last on many things in the past and I have neglected myself because I was always put my family first and kinda got lost in the mist of being a mom and a wife that their was no time for me so yeah one day I said is time for me to pamper myself and put myself first for once yes I take care of my kids and yes the hubby is well taken care of but I have to get my nails done toes and my hair even a bubble bath is great from time to time to do and yes it feels good when you have that time in life when you put aside some of your daily routine aside and focus on you for a change I know now we are going through some tuff times and all the kids are home we no longer can’t go outside and stuff but we can still pick a hour in the day where the kids fall asleep and you take that time to focus on you and is important that we do so because their Is so much we do on a daily basis so yes take that time to bubble bath or just to drink some wine and watch your favorite show and stuff you need it and you deserve it life is hard but we have to make time for our self and breath and plan the next day ahead and if you couldn’t do something the next day is ok move it to the next day we have to thank god we woke up another and that we are healthy and up and going even if its to the living room but many people don’t get that opportunity to wake up and see ANOTHER DAY so be very thankful and mindful to other people in the world that are going through this covid 19 pandemic god bless them and my heart goes out to those that are going through this hard time I pray for everyone and I am sorry for those who have lost someone in this crisis and my heart goes out to you all

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