hey everyone? how you doing?

so as for today I woke up super exited to make French toast for my family they were so happy and we really enjoy it a lot. so today I went into the yarn room and maid some calls and video chat with my mom purchased some sneakers for her and had a nice time chatting with her. also the hubby went to the home depot and purchased the paint for my sons room and he got Clorox and other cleaning products and yes he had to make a massive line outside in order to get in he also video chat with me because since I mention to you guys I will transforming my bed room into a craft room so we were looking at cabinets that wasn’t finished in the sense of paint and or finishes so that we can paint them ourself and we will put different countertops on them to match what I want in the craft room and yeah I am super exited and I paid my sons glasses and I deposit money for my glasses and yeah also got some things for my step son and step daughter and everyone is supper happy and so am I I also purchased a Nintendo switch light in the color coral pink for me and my twins I got animal crossing I can’t wait to get the system I love playing that game I already play it in my sons switch so yeah how you spend your day? what plans you have for your home? what will you be working on to keep distracted? I am changing things little by little can’t wait till is all done and of course when I am ready I will post pictures of each room also today the boyfriend cooks salad and pork chop chopped up in their omg also he puts carrots and spinach and so much more so yeah dinner will be great today as it is always I love planning how many of you use a planner and do todo list because I do it helps me be productive and also how many planner do you own I have a bunch and I love them all I tend to use a few for a while then I divorce them for a while and use a different one so yeah I purchased inserts and I purchased digital inserts as well I don’t mind cutting them sometimes

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