getting back to you guys on real life?

how many of you miss your old routine? how many of you appreciate what you have now? how many of you miss your freedom? how many of you took for granted what you have? and or treated others less then how many of you walked by a homeless person and kept walking as oppose to supporting them with food and comfort!

their are many thing I see different now then before I always saw a homeless person and provided food or even given them my hat for comfort why? some of you might ask me but we never know if we could god forbid be in their shoes! I for once always gave a couple of bucks to those in need because why not? right!

I for once can say I miss my family dearly I miss the get togethers and all happy faces when we was all together I need that life style back in my life to me family is important and I must stay in contact with them all the time this time in life we have had time to reflect on many things and we should change to better ourself and others a simple hello good morning and or your hair is nice would make someones day lets try it and love each other because we are all different and we need one another

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