hey everyone I have to say I messed up on my diet with this quarantine I gain 9 pound omygod? can you believe this!

so today I will doing the military diet with the boyfriend because he to mess up on his diet we have to make sure our routine those not mess up during quarintin it is easy for you to get distracted and mess up on your diet first of all I for once can’t afford to mess on my diet I use to weight 165 pounds yes and I am only 5 3 and that’s bad for me and my health I work hard to loose the weight to bring it back up I like to stay in the 130 to 135 range and because I feel good in that weight so that being said I will post a picture of the military diet for those of you that want to join us is only for three days but you have to weight your self first to keep accountable my weight is 145.6 and my boyfriend is 298.4 so yeah we mess up so we are gonna do this diet and see how much we loose in three days mind this is all you can eat in the day and water but

Day one:

meal number 1 breakfast  is have a great fruit one toast and black coffee

meal number 2 lunch is one cup of coffee one toast one can of tunafish but no mayo nor condiments

meal number 3 dinner water 3 ounces of any meat green beans have of a banana one cup of vanilla ice-cream

Day 2:

Breakfast : one toast bread one boiled egg have a banana water

Lunch: one cup of cottage cheese one boiled egg 5 crackers water

Dinner: two hot dogs have banana one cup broccoli one have cup carrots have cup ice scream

Day 3:

breakfast: one slice of cheddar one small apple 5 crackers water

lunch: one toast bread one boiled egg

Dinner: one cup of tuna have banana one cup of ice-cream


I have done this military diet a few times and I have to say it those work you loose like 4 to 6 pounds you just have to have will power and be mentally prepared to do this diet it is only three days but you have to be true to yourself and get through it  I will post picture of the meals here soon so you can get a visual of how it is

if your gonna try this diet please let me know and we can do it together I start today with my boyfriend this is our punishment for messing up but we will back in our feet again

stay safe and social distancing is the key to fight this crisis godless everyone


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