so their will be a haul planner related in my sparklebeautyplans on youtube

I just recorded the video their will be to parts to the video being that when you are not doing nothing people decides to call or video call you it is cut in to I hope you guys enjoy the video it has a game and lots of planner related items shown their so now I have lots of amazing goodies popping up their I hope you guys enjoy the content I have for you their and let me know what you guys think bout the video and if their is something you would like me to change or add to the channel I will post picture of the items I show in my channel here so that you can see them and maybe buy them for your self I am obsessed with these shops and I want more items some of the shops I am gonna mention are

paper muse crafts

Sadies stickers

amazon a5 pocket dividers and today rulers

animal crossing game for the Nintendo switch

I have been obsess with these shops to the point I joined the cloth and paper mostly stationary and penmanship subscription monthly I can’t wait for may it will be my first box and I can share it with you guys

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