today was a productive yet chill day!

I maid a haul video on youtube on my sparklebeautyplans and that should be up by tomorrow so yeah I hope you guys enjoy it the content in this video is to die for the stickers and dividers and the shops I purchased them is gonna make you wanna buy some for your planner I mean I place another order yes is bad guys but it keeps me organized so yeah and I also got animal crossing for me and the system just got to my moms house Tommy went to get that for me so I can’t wait I will post pictures here I promise also my girls spoke to their therapist Both of my twins did and that turned out great I am happy for the girls my son learned to put hot spot on his Fone in his room to use his playstation 4 in his room so that’s great I don’t have to here him becoming about the game and him raging so the living room is back to normal and the girls have their room almost done now all I need is their hangers because their clothing rack came in so that’s a great thing life is great and keeping myself bizzy has kept me alive and feeling very productive also I send my son to do the dishes hahahahaha he is upset but he needs to do some chores right any who he is a great kid I love him so much he has been checking on line to see if he has homework but not yet they haven’t posted none yet so yeah but so far we have been staying on top of our game here as well as having fun I also fix my facebook group of sparklebeautyplans so its coming along just fine check me out guys

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