here is how the day is going?

I finally got the girls to do work in two sites the teacher suggested and they did good they enjoy it a lot another they read a book to the them and they answer a few questions about the book that was read to them so that was sweet also I played my animal crossing game I have to say it is a relaxing game to play love it so much I remember when the game came out years ago I had it and I enjoy it so much it brong memories beautiful ones and I had my shake and tabbies and promesas I use herbal life product I am a supervisor and a coach so if you need help getting into shape or need advice let me know and I will guide you the military diet I can’t do do to my condition of lupus but I can drink my shakes and be healthy loving all this again also I printed a couple of knitting patterns I want to knit I can’t wait but first the swatch I dread that process but in order for what you knit to fit you you have to make a gauge swatch so yeah I let you know if I maid one today or tomorrow also I have some cute patterns to make my sister her baby some socks she is going to have a baby I am so happy for her is her first baby so yeah that’s fun knitting ity bity items for babies right any who so here I am working on blogging everyday so that you guys have some content to read or see pictures or videos I can’t wait till this quarantine is over so that we can have our life back I know it won’t be the same but the air and then some would be nice

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