have you ever wonder where those your money goes? do you even keep track of your subscriptions? maybe is time to check these things out now!

wao truth be told I didn’t know I spend so much on a monthly basis. I did not know I had 33 subscriptions yeah isn’t this crazy omg but then when I look at the types of subscriptions I couldn’t believe on what on makeup on online knitting things I don’t even check on this made me laugh because I can’t believe I did this to myself like who those that I did am I ashamed of it yes I could’ve spend the money on useful things I made sure to unsubscribes to these subscriptions because the majority of them I didn’t need I know we love Ipsy but do we really use all the product that comes in it also FabFitFun is another subscription that is super expensive and I don’t use the majority of the items that comes in it so I maid sure to unsubscribes to these things I don’t need and now I can plan on paying my credit cards and focus on other things that are more important to me like saving for a house and to get a car eventually and buying new furniture for the house

I think now that we have the time we should look into our expenses and see where our money is going to and make better choices subscribe to things your gonna use and safe some money

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