hey everyone how you guys holding on?

what are your plans for the day? It is so sad that is such a pretty day and we can’t go out with the kids this is starting to get harder for me to manage because ive been in doors for like two months and I feel like I am going to go crazy with all this crazy situation goin on. I try so many to stay focus and not let it get to me and yes I’m running out of things to do in the house I fix the kids room soon will be working on my yarn room and my bedroom swap but after that the living room is super easy to do but then what lord knows I have try to stay positive with this but how much longer are we gonna live like this and why did all this happened?

it almost feels like a horror movie!

any who today I will wash clothes and cancel some subscriptions that I don’t necessary need or care for to safe money. I also will like to delete my emails but their are two many of them and it takes so much time to do so. but the truth is my fault for not checking my emails am I the only one that those that? because I think many of us have a tendency to accumulate lots of emails and just ignore it.

Any who today I will remain positive and make it works I promise if not I will go crazy.

last night Tommy pavan Edward and myself play some monopoly that was nice some family time is great. I maid the kids turn of their games so that we can play board games. we had a great time. this will be our new thing to do play board games watch movies.

my girls came back from my moms house they were their for the weekend and they had so much fun baking cupcakes and mixing batter and decorating them. I am so happy my mom spend time with them. it gives me a small break from all the crazy when we are coop up in the house not being able to do the normal witch by the way I don’t know what that is anymore. yeah so let the day begin strong and pray everything goes back to our normal or what ever that is now I don’t think anything will be back to normal no more. but for us to have our freedom back would be nice but I mean we have to be safe and god willing this pandemic goes away soon.

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