hey everyone today was an amazing relaxing day for me!

I know I have to post the pictures of my air fryer with the chicken wings and drumsticks! I haven’t forgot but my Fone is currently charging right now so yeah as soon as it charges I will definitely post the pictures here for you guys truth be told it came out amazing.

ok so today I had a great morning wake. my kids came to the room and gave me a hug and told me they love me and that maid my day for sure. to top it off my daughters teacher helped me with some situation with google classroom. and now I can help my girls with their work. thank god!

my son maid oatmeal witch everyone loves when he makes it super creamy and yummy. no arguments today and the girls were super nice and calm something that barely happens here. but it helps for them to be a little at ease. but I don’t know if you know but I have two autistic with developmental delays beautiful twins and hyper active girls that keep me going for the most part. but today is and was an amazing day they cope with their work and play with their toys and put things away when told to and that barely happens so yeah great day.

my son did his work as well and tone down the attitude he had for the past few days being that he is hyper active and bypolar and that’s something that he fluctuate with from time to time. over all my son is super smart and very loving and caring he just come at you a little sometimes and you know as parents we have to check it. but once nip in the but he is back to normal again. but my son to me is the most important person in my life he is the one that makes sure I am ok and that no-one disrespects me at all he is just the best I don’t make no decisions with out him what so ever. but for the most part we have a huge understanding of each other.

I knit on my neon socks today I want to get the gussets its decrease to just knit in the round and I am loving these thus far. loving the colors guys I am in love with these regia socks.

I must get back into reading books so tomorrow ill read my book and let you know if I did read it or not.

so how are you guys doing? if you have kids with autism and developmental delays how you cope with it? and is their any pointers you can give me? to ease my work as a parent I love my kids dearly and if their is something you have done with your kids different I would like for you to give me advice?

until soon when I post the air fryer result of the drum sticks and wigs stay tune

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