when will this pandemic be over? how I am feeling lately!

I don’t mind being home with my kids I love them to death but being able to go to the coffee shop helps to get away from the chaos sometimes. I mean we moms deserve a break but how those one get a brake when you are not allowed to go outside from your medical doctors! I am not saying I can’t handle them or that they bother me! is just sometimes we need a break and that they bother me never say that. but even to take them out to eat and stuff. this is kinda stressful. did I mention I have twin Gorgs girls that are autistic with developmental delays and adhd so yeah my work is cut out for me. they are a hand full but adorable. but their are these days that they are a bit too much and I just feel like crying. because it becomes a lot at times. and they get themselves into things they know they are not suppose to. I love my kids but I miss my old life I know that will never come back. I mean I get it. but god please help me. in the mean time I will knit and try to usaaaaaaaaaa for a bit or just take a bubble bath to unwind. and breath.

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