omg I forgot to let you guys know that I change rooms!

yes now I am moved to the small room in the house and the craft room is my old big room. I have to say I am so happy is not done yet but everything fit perfect omg so much room and I have a vanity area as well I have different furniture but it works my computer section and where all my yarn is in its place I am so happy you guys we just have to paint the room and ill buy the furniture little by little to match but over all everything has its place. the small room is not so small if my queen size bed and the tall dresser and the mirror dresser fit as well isn’t that crazy also we put like three poles on top of the mirror dresser to hang our clothes and guess what it fits is true there is a small space to walk but I can deal with that. the hubby is 6 foot 2″ and he is ok with it lolz he is the best. kitchen got a new metal rack and it is more spacious I got rid of the dining table and move things around well the hubby did and it looks great I am so happy. the only thing left to do is the paint in the yarn room and my sofas in the living room and paint it as well change the tables and maybe a small rug not sure but we will see. I have been knitting on my old projects and I have been enjoying knitting on some baby socks since my sister and godsister are having a baby oh witch tomorrow we find out what my god sister is having I know that my sister is having a boy I can’t wait to make him a cardigan and a hat or some booties but for now I am knitting on some baby socks super fun to do and easy to knit so yeah also I still haven’t knit on my sons sweater but ill get to it the truth is I knit like halve of both sleeves but I know his arms are 24″ so I’m ok with that I am also happy to say I got my mom knitting again she is making a hat so I cast on a hat as well super happy she is knitting with me that’s good hopefully she don’t quit and life and the kids are great my health is doing ok I can’t complain have a great day everyone

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