How is everyone doing?

I have to say the gender reveal of my cuzzing Tita was nice she is having a boy I was right and their were fire crackers involve it was beautiful I have to say I am so happy for her she was so happy and she enjoy her self a lot I had a great time I stood over for the weekend and I love being there they treat us so good and I love the environment was nice and her house is lovely she has a massive back yard and pool, trampoline, a little park for the kids and even a small pool for the little kids lots of parking space and a nice barbecue spot I had to much fun we had distance from each other enuf and we had a couple of drinks and my cook some of the food and everyone enjoy their time also manitos family brong food and drinks and so did he Jessica did a great job she created games for the event and lots of prices and she decorated the place real nice she is good at decorating we took pictures and we had an amazing time they are very friendly and it feels good to stay over very welcoming she is living the live now and I know she is so happy Tita she deserve it I am happy for her and her men manito such a nice guy my hubby had a great time manito and him hit it off good and now we are all happy life is great and I love my life now to I have an amazing men by my side Tommy life is great and my kids love him and so those the family his kids love me to so we have five kids his two and my three what did you do this weekend? I also went to Walmart and I got a couple of yarn yes I know I said I wasn’t but I had to also I got a few cross stitch kits more like two also found a nice thimble and a dinning mat for tutorials on knitting and other crafts and today I cut my yorkies hair yeah I groomed her myself I have to say I did a great job at it she looks so cute and she don’t like me right now but is ok she looks good later I will take a picture of her and post it so you guys can see I also took her a bath she loves getting in the water but when it is time to groome her she don’t like you but is ok she is next to me now I guess she is good now hubby is working today and I can’t wait to see him I miss him a lot I might be a pain in the ass but I love my hubby my son is happy that I am finally happy with someone who is worthy of him and his mom also they are playing Pokemon and my son from another mother is here he gonna get me sushi I believe is dragon rolls I can’t wait they are delicious and yeah great day thus far

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