hey everyone how you’ve been!

I have been great other then today I have allergies we have been cleaning the house and getting rid of things around the house also I moved back into my big bedroom the heat in the little room is bad like the air conditioner even stop working so we moved back this weekend and boy is there so much dust also we painted the small room and put the same furniture in their with the exception of the bookshelf and we got a metal rack that worked out better for the things to put away but this time it looks smaller the room I don’t know why or I just have so much things any who we did that and I got rid of the living room middle table and maid the living room much open and I left one of my yarn storage glass thing in the living room being that it don’t fit in the yarn room it was in it before but ok that happened and I really have to minimize my things in that room but we see what happens that little room is kool but I don’t get why the ac stop working I definitely can’t sleep there so we switch again yeah and boy was that a lot of work but its done now I just have to put my yarn in stash in Ravelry so I know what I have and use it no more yarn shopping for me I tell you this year no more unless I use or sell some of it because it is just to much and my planners is too much those are my two favorite hobbies yarn, planners its my happy home what are your hobbies and obsessions?

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