here are my results? and i am not done yet still working on it my goal is 130 i am at 151 pounds

now in these pictures you can see my before picture of when i started the challenge witch was august 1 2020 and then you see my after pictures and you will see a huge difference and i am joining the new challenge that starts september 1 2020 till september 21 2020 i have to say if you want to stay consistent you join all the challenges and use the knowledge you learn from the chat and the workouts and you will get results by the way i was 160 poinds in august 1 2020 and i am at 151 pounds now so yes i am happy and i am doing this also you do eat is not just shakes you eat a lot and in the chats you get ideas from all the girls and gents because we have all the benefits for men as well for the challenges and visit my business and let me know if you need help and if you want to join this amaizing team if you decide to joing me i will be your coach and anything we talk together we will keep it amongs us

photo_2020-08-24_22-16-41 my results.jpg

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