hey everyone how are you doing today?

i hope everyone is safe and maintaining social distancing to asure your love ones are safe as i am to. so where have i been other then working out and joining the fall fit challenge i mention to you guys i have been eating healthy and drinking a lot of water drinking my medication and just staying humble. my hubby tommy is also taking the products and drinking a lot of water and eating healthy as well as working out. i have to say that we are such a happy couple and that i wouldnt want anything else in life. i am blessed with my three kids and his two so that means i have five kids and love them all very much. life has thrown a lot of storms my way but i have been able to maintain and move forward and keep it possitive. though their were times i felt like life is over for me my kids and my hubby picks me right back up. i am thankful and happy god gave us the opportunity to live a beautiful life together and to push our self further and getting out of debt together has been our goal this year. yes money is tight right now but when all the debt be payed off we are gonna strive for bigger things. like a house thats our next step and hubby getting a car so that we can go places with the kids and live a wonderful life together. i am not saying that life is peachy nice alll the time no but for me it really feels like it is because i have such a wonderful men in my life and i know we gonna go far together.

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