today is a very bizzy day!

i went to the dermatology to get two injections for my psoriasis and boy did they hurt! i mean the pinch didn’t hurt me but the medication wao it felt like it burned as it went in also i got light headed but thankfully it went away. the hubby took the girls to cookies and he got them pajamas and then we went to children’s place where he got the girls a bunch of nice shirts yes my hubby nice and then we had a nice walk as the girls ate pizza me and the hubby ate mangos for snack that was so yummy then after that we went to the nail salon where i did my nails and eye brows oh yeah and hubby got me three pair of leggings he took the girls to the park while i was doing my nails and they had donut and water he is such a blessing then we came home where i started a another sock just cuz yeah i knit guys jajajaja is my favorite hobby other then working out and planners feeling pretty luv the hubby he is nice a bit to nice sometimes my baby he makes me so happy even though sometimes i cant help my mood swings i say sorry because he puts up with my mood swings but i love baby perfect hubby father and step father to my kids did i mention he got my son another game yeah he has another one over all sometimes you have to bite your toungue because god always have someone for you out there sometimes is in front of you and you dont see it i am happy it turned out to be my best friend and dont want it any other way

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