how is everyone doing?

I am doing fine the stress I had digress a bit so I am taking it day by day and I learn to let it go if it cannot get fix because in the end I am the one to get sick so I choose me first because later on he will come into his senses but anyways over all I am ok and the kids are great back to the remote crazy world of learning I am knitting again and creating inserts for my planners and I am living what I am doing I am also enjoying life and all the blessings god is giving me and my family life is short to be stressing random things time to live shine and progress you guys if your into planners and you would like to make your own inserts and have what you need in your inserts and you pick the theme and the design you want weather is hourly vertical horrizontal and much more you have a small fee monthly of $10.00 a month or $100.00 for the year and you can download and print as many as you want is amazing is called check it out ill do a flip through of my planner and the inserts I created and trying them out nd changing things to see what works for me yeah I even finish my sons sweater and I finish my scrappy flax light shirt and it looks great I am just enjoying life and day by day

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