how are you feeling today? are you us to this new lifestyle! do you like it?

I can answer these question to you here. with an honest answer. I am feeling blessed these days. I am so happy and in a relationship that makes me feel amazing about myself and it makes me love myself and I just want to do more for him myself and our kids. I haven’t felt complete in such a long time I felt lost and I fell in a dark hole for a long time and we Tommy and I fell in love and none of us knew this would happened but it did and I am so happy it did my kids are happy my son is in a better place and he he is happy I am in a lovable non toxic relationship and I have to say I am doing great and there will be more coming up in our journey because we have big plans for us and our kids. this lifestyle is not easy right! but we have to make the best of it, because their is no going back to what it was right we know we have to wear a mask for everything and this is to keep us safe and others and social distancing is a must but we can make new routines and have more family nights to remember, we have to make sure we are healthy and grateful fr what god has giving us because I don’t know about you guys but I don’t get inbarrased if I go to the near by church an get free food for our house like we are blessed in many ways but we don’t see that yes we buy food for the house but if their is free help why not take it so we are is hard as it is but we make it work. I have to say I don’t like it because I was unto going to th movies freely and shopping and eating out and enjoying the view of manhattan but no we are afraid of what ifs because this disease is serious and we don’t want to bring that home with us to our family and the constant worry about I went to the hospital did I do right omg are we safe is just mind blowing but we just hav to make sure we are safe and we use precaution and distance ourself.

that being said I am blessed and my heart goes out to all the families that have lost someone to the pandemic and prayers and hugs goes out to all your families from me and my family

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