Wao today was and is a busy day!

have you ever been so bizzy that you forget to eat! like you eat breakfast but laundry kids in virtual school and other house chores your time flies. OMG you guys I have been so bizzy and my hubby that we forgot to eat lunch and snacks we had a chance to drink a big energy tea but that’s it and then later on in the day when your chores are close to being done you wonder why I have this sharp pain in your stomach well theeeeee you are hungry this makes me laugh but at the same time is wrong because is not healthy but I ate a small piece of bread pudding because the hubby is gonna cook meat loaf with cauliflower rice and I can’t wait omg my mouth waters any who so the day was super bizzy and I also manage to do my nails to yeah hubby wash the quilts at the laundry and moving furniture and things around the house and putting away clothes and putting like a thousand pairs of sock together but hey it is what it is we are parents and as parents our job never ends I love being a mom and with a partner like mines life is easier I’m not saying that having a 18 year old boy and twin girls who are 9 going on 10 is easy task but sometimes is funny but it gets bizzy here but we make it work and things little fall into place any who never go without eating you guys you have to eat every three house and have a snack in between meals and drink lots of water so yeah have a great day everyone how is your day going so far?

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