hey everyone how you doing?

as for me I’ve been looking for better ways to organize my planner items but i have so many pens papers folders and highlighters and more it becomes a bit overwhelming but i like having my collection also having another hobby like knitting really makes you go crazy and buying all these notions and project bags as well as knitting needles i mean wao if you have checked my YouTube videos you have seen in the background how crazy my collection has gotten but i have to say i love it but i have stop spending on yarn but now i picked up on buying lots of different types of planners omg this is crazy your saying but i am disable so my time has to go on something right i was told to get a hobby ok i started with Northface bookbags and i have to say i have like 20 of them i gave some away but then i was told to find another hobby ok i learn how to do makeup so that was a bad idea i have loads of it trust me i started to do my makeup and then i was told i was spending so much money on unnecessary things so i always love planning because in paper i get things done and i enjoy marking when i finish something i feel so productive but then i notice they sell cute dashboards clear dividers and stickers and boy i went down the drain from there but i enjoy it their is no problem in having a hobby is when you spend too much money in these items that’s crazy i have to control my expenses but i have to say my bills and my kids are being taken care we have food clothes and more but i am also paying off my credit cards depts. and other things like Fingerhut and stuff but i am on track though but i want to save more money then spend also when you have a hubby that never says no to you is hard i love him he is such an amazing men any who that being said he is the best and it feels good to be pamper he is also taking care of other tickets and court fees he is paying off because we want to be dep’t free and buy a house and get a car for us and the kids also i have a 18 year old boy who is going to college next year and i have to safe to help him as well i also have a life insurance for my kids and me so that’s smart and we are living good but next project i want to take care off is finish the living room and my bedroom and glam it up but on a budget of course but i want to buy things that in like five years i can move to a house and be dep’t free as well is important for me to save money thank god we have had thee only luck god is great

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