sad moment for me i know i shouldn’t worry about the weight but?

being at home has cause me to fall back in eating excessively and i don’t fit my clothes so yeah super sad moment for me i take my weight very seriously like i gain one pound and i stress like crazy but i will be getting back into my routine again so yeah shakes teas water and lots of salads and i just want to say when you eat healthy and you take that leap and change your habits again you gain weight faster then you loose it so yeah i will get back in to shape because my weight will cause my health issues that i cant afford to get worst so lets get back in game and if you want to join me lets start this Monday with all 100% and lets push together the truth is i do Herbalife and i am a part of team beauty and we empower men and women and we do challenges to keep us accountable and we have chats and lots of meal ideas to enjoy so i don’t have an excuses as to mess up but we are human and things happened but we have to get back in shape and get well for us push our self more then before oh yeah did i mention we also provide workouts and you work out in your own time you just have to post your sweaty pictures in the chats along with all of us in team beauty so who is with me we have product for diabetes and cholesterol heart problems and more and if you tend to snack a lot we have a snack defense that works and i just order a few products that i need and if you click on my link on my Instagram it will take you directly to my site where you will purchase your products trust the process i know it works so don’t discourage your self trust me we will do this together

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