Can you believe Anuel AA is gonna retired!

I can’t believe he is gonna retired I herd his new music and it broke my heart he is a puertoriquen artist that raps in Spanish and he sing he makes music that touches your heart he is amazing and his girlfriend Karol G they are both amaizing artist I identify myself with his music the words has a lot of meaning and feeling is ashamed he is gonna retired I wish him the best the truth is that what he stated makes sense for what all the money in the world and buy his son everything if someone else is raising his son he rather retired to spend more time with hiss son and do all the things with his son as a artist you can’t even breath or go to the store alone so I get it he states the money don’t make him happy he want to be around his son be a father not just provide for his son he also states he has it all and it don’t fill him up meaning it don’t make him happy

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