hey everyone how you guys doing?

i have been monitoring my kids in school and knitting a whole lot lately and i have been working out for the past 14 days straight and boy has it been hard and i been verry on point with my workouts is a challenge and let me tell you it has been tough the workouts are a challenge but with the right group and a coch that pushes to the max you get it done sometimes i feel like quiting but once i workout i feel dome good about myself so i been pushing myself to finish and i am proud of myself i am also eating better and knitting a whole lot i also got my mom a dining table for christmas and my dad a recliner so i am proud of myself and i got all the little ones in the family their little gifts and that makes me happy kids are the one that expect santa to get them a gift and me and the hubby made that happen it is also an amaizing feeling to have a men that helps you make things happen i love my men if yoou have a great men apreciate him and cherish him because their are very few of them here on earth that being said i am so happy my life makes more sence and i see the bright light down the tonel have a great christmas and new years stay safe and cherish these moments with your kids and love ones

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