hey everyone WAO! I miss talking to you guys!

so I have been stress free and working on nails for a while doing my aunts nails and my moms truth I do be stress try not to think about things because they tend to work my mind to much I have been in so much back and neck pains that sometimes meds just don’t cut it but you have to do what you have to do and so I try to entertained my self with other things and hubby is a big help my mood swings has been every where and I have been a bit down I have no problems but problems tends to find me any who have you read the book she by Terrie peari it is a great book they also have a him book is great I will be posting pictures of the book here that speaks to me or if you have me in instagram you may have already seen a few of the pictures I post on this book this book reminds me as to why I should put myself first at time so yeah also I have been watching a lot of affirmation and positive videos and now I am interested in changing the way I look and dress more girly even though I love the makeup and nails I am a bit of a tom boy that means I like my basketball shorts and tank top and Jordans and sweat pants yes you herd right I can dress nice with shoes and dresses but I been dressing a bit to comfortable and I would like to change that I am a mother of three beautiful kids and I need to step it up and change and become cute sexy and I don’t know.

how you been? I miss you guys!

I have been knitting and we fix the house a bit the living room should be fix this week as far as paint sofas and I’m not sure on the little things here and there my sofas are gonna be dark grey and sectional or recliners yeah recliners and the single one as well and the paint will be a almond color with white ceiling and I want like gold accents and like marble is my new obsession so we will see

I am so happy amongs the pain in my body and other medical complications I have but I am back and are you ready to see everything we have to share with you meaning me I am all over the place thank god the weather is getting better lord I need this to go out and relax and enjoy the outside world that I miss so much

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