today is pink day empowerment day!

what this means is Wednesday and we get together on pink day witch is team beauty day to be empowered and we get together as a team and discuss our goals and what we wanna do for the next 21 day challenge and to work with each other and help each other feel good about each other and take it to the next level and yes I have been lost but I am here life is good team beauty is the best in this group we learn so much from each other you wouldn’t believe the stories we all have like I for instance have lupus arthritis and a lot of health issues and being in team beauty helped me love myself the way I am and they also encourage you to change something that you don’t like even the way you speak changes life is hard and we need to embrace all that god has given us I for instance never was comfortable with my self I also have psoriasis and that also has a big impact in the low self esteem I had thank god being in this team I learn to eat better workout and think different about myself also my life change I have a partner that makes me feel amazing about myself and tries to make sure I am good also we work with each other I also have a temper ticking bomb and he has manage to ignore it at times and I also try to control myself and look at life a different way also youtube you guys a lot of madeas inspiration and speeches works having a routine and maintaining also it don’t matter how many time you fall what matters is to get up and keep going I am also a coach and a supervisor here so we can work together and help each other maintaining and we also have a meal plan workouts one on one coaching weight in where you have to take a picture of your weight and send it to me so that we can keep track and see where we need to improve and what we need to change to eat

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