So today I knit on my soldotna shirt and I maid progress I am on the body of it so is color work and for those of you that may not know I don’t do color work but this is my first time and I actually luv it the pattern is by Caitlyn Hunter and the instructions are amazing you should knit it seriously any who one of my twins was acting up today and so their goes the headache and well I had to stop knitting on my soldotna but I picked up these stripe socks I am knitting and I finished the fish kiss lip heel on them and they work out super fast as long as you watch a youtube video on twin stitch knit and purl you will be ok and so yeah I love these socks they look amaizing and I am using scrap yarn from previous project and they are working out super nice and so yeah I will post pictures today on them and you can tell me how they look I also got this super cheap 4k camera from amazon and I was playing with it for a bit you guys they call it the blogger YouTube beginner camera the truth is it is a nice camera and the pictures look good and video pretty good for so cheap you really don’t need a super expensive camera for your youtube channel as long as the picture is good and you bring good content any who while my hubby play baseball I was knitting and I love that I can do what I love and he those what he loves and he understands me as oppose to arguing and we get along well well you all know I have my moments when my bipolar stitssofrenique comes in but I try to control it also one of my twins shape up today and she is on her computer watching powerpuff girls while I am blogging I love this new life I can’t wait till we paint this weekend and we get our sofas is gonna be supper cute and fancy even though our budget is tight we make things work here we live a decent life and we love each other very much my son just left with his dad for the weekend and their goes that I miss him already my step kids are good thank god so life is great I have to admit I have my moments when I be in so much pain that I can’t even get up at times but I feel down because I wish I could give my kids more but I can’t work my health is very delicate but I make things happened also hubby helps me a lot their are times when you wish you had someone to talk to but is better here because not a lot of people know about my blog and I feel great when I vent with you guys thanks you


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