have you ever wonder why you feel lost?

I tell you why sometimes you allow others words seep in to your soul you let others bring you down and you put yourself down as well don’t you think we need to stop doing this to ourself we here all these negative words all the time we tend to believe it and misery likes company and we allow this to happened to us and we bring ourself down we tend to eat with anxiety and munch away it to have to admit that I let this happened to me and I gained all that weight I lost and when I was the weight I wanted to be and I ate right and I was focused I was told you to skinny you should eat what you want don’t you think you spend too much money on Herbalife and yes I am a coach and a supervisor but yet I let negative people get to me and boom I messed up now I am overweight and my health is in danger yes in danger I have to make a change and yes sometimes you need to step back and not be around all these negative people so that you rise and breath and see things your way and make a change for you not for anyone I need to learn to say no and walk away when these people try to bring that bad vibe I don’t have to hear and move forward and make things happened and when you do this you no longer will feel lost god has you here for a purpose but your job is to show god that you are strong enough to make it happened and do it for you I guaranteed you won’t feel lost anymore get a notebook write down your goals and start making it happened and climb and maintain and push further for your goals and stay focused and show everyone that you change your looks for you and that your successful for you and right there yon for you and gods eyes life is precious and you only live it once don’t let no-one bring you down you also have to learn to let go of the past that hurt you and let it go to move forward when they are gone is because they never value and they wasn’t for you why keep their words tormenting you while they moved on you move on they were toxic and your life is precious and you are worthy you are powerful you are capable you are strong enough you can and you will the more you want to change things and when you forgive and let it go you win life is fresh and you deserve better strive for better if you you need someone to talk to lets talk write to me here and I will answer sometimes a stranger can help you more then the people we surround ourself with don’t be fake be real make a change and you will see the difference did ya miss me here chatting with ya well I am here and I will make a change for me and my future credit card dept free is one of my goals and loose the weight the goal is a house and focused on my business you climb you pray you worship you pray you climb you worship and maintain and you’ll be ok

enjoy your day

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