hey how you’re doing?

well today I got weight by my coach and I have gained two pounds and the truth is I been bad at eating right but it is ok we will get there so baby steps to better choices so yeah I weight 166 pounds ys I am not happy about it but I will be making some changes to a better start and to maintain my sanity and a better and healthy life change is not something that changes over night but like I stated before is something that if you want to making changes you set your goals and you start working on it step by step I have not work out but I will be this week and I am gonna make better choices on eating and self love self love is very important and we need to love oursselfs and to believe it when we look in the mirror I know what your thinking easier said than those you right but if you don’t making changes who will remember the only one that can things is you the only one that can be powerful is you and I am gonna start this journey for me and I am gonna make some changes and maybe sacrifice certain things but is gonna be for my own good is time to do something about this weight that is killing me and my health and plus I want to look good for me and be able to not see what I don’t like it won’t be ease but discipline and a routine and it can happened I have done it so I know it is possible trust me and I will push myself to get it done if you want to try this with and doing my team beauty and we can work together let me know as I mention before I am a coach and a supervisor so we can work a team of girls and guys and help each other here I want to build a team that is powerful successful but at the same time with love care and commitment to this team and each other everyone is different but we can help each other for the better so will want to join me and be a part of this organization that’s more then Herbalife is team beauty and empowerment and love 6463314415 here is my number cell let me know if your gonna start making a change and say I will and I can

if you go to my instagram you can find a link that will get you directly to the products I use to help me achieve my goals and loose the weight and you get to enjoy my crafty side as well this is my personal account checkout my business and let me know if you need help and we can adjust a meal plan for you and activities and if you join me you can have access to empowerment calls in a group workout links and one to one coaching chat groups of meals and activity as being a part of my beauties and beast if there are men joining great idea

my instagram is link here in my site so that you can check me out there is scam or fake reviews here I promise you this is real and that I can more of helping others then the money and that I care and we can die this together

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