here indoors has been a big challenge what have you done to cope with this?

I have been keeping myself bizzy.  I have been knitting more planning and making dashboards for my planner and reading my books and I also have been getting rid of unused items no longer wanted also playing games with the kids and I became my daughters teacher witch is fun something new to do I thank god for the kids I have and for permiting me to live another day and for bein healthy in the sence of not getting sick thank you I pray for all those in this crisis and for those whose family are going through this I wish you the best and my heart goes out to them

hey everyone I am back

I have a couple of videos posted up on my channel and some knitting content as well how many of you are up for go check me out also I have my vogue knitting live haul video uploaded as well hope you guys enjoy it I have to say a lot has change in my life in the past few months my best friend turned out to be my boo and I have a lot to tell you guys I will make a video on my life and what’s new and what I am getting into let me know what you are knitting and I have to say I have been knitting a lot lately when I do my podcast this week you will see that I have been working on a lot of my wips and I haven’t cast on nothing new isn’t that weird I will let you guys know when I post my next video. hope to here from ya soon! if you have any questions please feel free to ask me any questions and if you want me to make a Q&A video I am up for it!

hey yallll I am back!

I have been MIA lately for good reasons but I am back and the good news is I am stress free and I have been working out and yes I have knitting yes that never maybe for a bit but we are clicking the knitting needles again lots of things on my needles and hook there will be a podcast up this week yeyyyyyyy I might post a podcast every Sunday or Saturday night what you guys think I am so happy me and my kids are great and I am single and actually happy that I am

Hey everyone I am so tired omg but over all this weekend I had so much fun with my family such a great weekend I went to Zumba Friday and Saturday and it was fun I was sore but ok I also did a podcast and a beautyguru83 open box of FabFitFun and a open box of the things that my friend Susan gifted me so yeah you guys I have two channels one is a crafting one witch is Ladycraftsalot83 podcast and the beauty channel witch is beautyguru83 on YouTube check me out you will luv and have fun with me and my adventures