hey everyone so we are ending the day with the kids carving two pumpkins

they having so much fun my son is doing the carving and we are watching them do it is so funny because my son don’t normally do things like this with no-one but for his sisters he will try anything while he is trying to cut what the girls draw on the pumpkins and he is going crazy it is not as easy as it looks they are so funny these moments are so preasusse to a parent I love my kids they mean the world to me ill show you pictures soon when they are done

Wao today was and is a busy day!

have you ever been so bizzy that you forget to eat! like you eat breakfast but laundry kids in virtual school and other house chores your time flies. OMG you guys I have been so bizzy and my hubby that we forgot to eat lunch and snacks we had a chance to drink a big energy tea but that’s it and then later on in the day when your chores are close to being done you wonder why I have this sharp pain in your stomach well theeeeee you are hungry this makes me laugh but at the same time is wrong because is not healthy but I ate a small piece of bread pudding because the hubby is gonna cook meat loaf with cauliflower rice and I can’t wait omg my mouth waters any who so the day was super bizzy and I also manage to do my nails to yeah hubby wash the quilts at the laundry and moving furniture and things around the house and putting away clothes and putting like a thousand pairs of sock together but hey it is what it is we are parents and as parents our job never ends I love being a mom and with a partner like mines life is easier I’m not saying that having a 18 year old boy and twin girls who are 9 going on 10 is easy task but sometimes is funny but it gets bizzy here but we make it work and things little fall into place any who never go without eating you guys you have to eat every three house and have a snack in between meals and drink lots of water so yeah have a great day everyone how is your day going so far?

remember to pamper yourself is very important!

sometimes as parents we forget that everything can’t just be bills kids home we have to paper our self also men we have to maintain the alive health meaning keeping up with ourself I have been slacking lately but because I go through the only pain do to lupus and other health conditions that prevent me from some activities during the day so I make sure that when I am wired and able to move around I do my nails I might even dress different and put music help the hubby with chores and other things sometimes he says relax but when I have the energy I like to do more then I normally do men to you guys we love you but we love when a men keeps up with himself also their has to be a day for you to get a hair cut do a manicure a new cologne a gift for your wife a gift for your husband a bubble bath I believe both parties deserve to pamper their self also we need to take a day for us as a couple we can’t dine out but how about putting candles and fireplace on movie or saddle music flowers and some nice dinner made by both of us I mean is not a one way street is both and if you are in a relationship that means the I becomes a one becomes we become one nomore I or me is us and we need to embrace it and show how much we apreciaate each other and let our significant other know how amazing they are and while eating dinner of while you are in bed express your feelings and or let each other know how much we love each other and as a couple me and my hubby have a rule that no matter what happened or disagreement we have during the day stays out of the room unless we have to discuss anything but their is no going to sleep mad at each other we must learn to work with each other we are not gonna agree with everything but we can meet in the middle also we don’t argue at all but if we did we wouldnt do it infront of the kids I am in a happy place and this is great loving myself first taking care of myself and doing things for me and I have a wonderful men by side couldn’t ask for anyone better I hope this help you guys in a few ways that suits me

god bless everyone

So as sit here next to my hubby snoring!

It annoys me to the point of wanting to throw him off the bed but as I look at him he is very handsome and very attractive such an amaizing men he is such a sweet heart he treat my kids so nice and he shows me everyday that he is the same person everyday I know I can be annoying but he remains the same crazy lovably as usual this month is his birthday and I wish him the best he deserves everything he wishes for for bein such an amaizing partner and father I luv you baby and you make me so so happy 😀 but to be honest I hate that he snores so dam loud other then that he is my baby