here is how the day is going?

I finally got the girls to do work in two sites the teacher suggested and they did good they enjoy it a lot another they read a book to the them and they answer a few questions about the book that was read to them so that was sweet also I played my animal crossing game I have to say it is a relaxing game to play love it so much I remember when the game came out years ago I had it and I enjoy it so much it brong memories beautiful ones and I had my shake and tabbies and promesas I use herbal life product I am a supervisor and a coach so if you need help getting into shape or need advice let me know and I will guide you the military diet I can’t do do to my condition of lupus but I can drink my shakes and be healthy loving all this again also I printed a couple of knitting patterns I want to knit I can’t wait but first the swatch I dread that process but in order for what you knit to fit you you have to make a gauge swatch so yeah I let you know if I maid one today or tomorrow also I have some cute patterns to make my sister her baby some socks she is going to have a baby I am so happy for her is her first baby so yeah that’s fun knitting ity bity items for babies right any who so here I am working on blogging everyday so that you guys have some content to read or see pictures or videos I can’t wait till this quarantine is over so that we can have our life back I know it won’t be the same but the air and then some would be nice

so I am so exited guys I just received my Nintendo switch

I can’t wait to play with it I am currently charging my game can’t wait to play my own animal crossing and I have to say the coral color is amazing even in person is Gorgs my boyfriend got the gray one and he is super exited to play his game but his game hasn’t come in yet hahahaha but I feel bad for him but I can’t wait to he gets his game my baby I am so happy with him and he is my everything I swear my kids love him and I have to say I love him to he treats me like a queen and he is very special to me

today was a productive yet chill day!

I maid a haul video on youtube on my sparklebeautyplans and that should be up by tomorrow so yeah I hope you guys enjoy it the content in this video is to die for the stickers and dividers and the shops I purchased them is gonna make you wanna buy some for your planner I mean I place another order yes is bad guys but it keeps me organized so yeah and I also got animal crossing for me and the system just got to my moms house Tommy went to get that for me so I can’t wait I will post pictures here I promise also my girls spoke to their therapist Both of my twins did and that turned out great I am happy for the girls my son learned to put hot spot on his Fone in his room to use his playstation 4 in his room so that’s great I don’t have to here him becoming about the game and him raging so the living room is back to normal and the girls have their room almost done now all I need is their hangers because their clothing rack came in so that’s a great thing life is great and keeping myself bizzy has kept me alive and feeling very productive also I send my son to do the dishes hahahahaha he is upset but he needs to do some chores right any who he is a great kid I love him so much he has been checking on line to see if he has homework but not yet they haven’t posted none yet so yeah but so far we have been staying on top of our game here as well as having fun I also fix my facebook group of sparklebeautyplans so its coming along just fine check me out guys

getting back to you guys on real life?

how many of you miss your old routine? how many of you appreciate what you have now? how many of you miss your freedom? how many of you took for granted what you have? and or treated others less then how many of you walked by a homeless person and kept walking as oppose to supporting them with food and comfort!

their are many thing I see different now then before I always saw a homeless person and provided food or even given them my hat for comfort why? some of you might ask me but we never know if we could god forbid be in their shoes! I for once always gave a couple of bucks to those in need because why not? right!

I for once can say I miss my family dearly I miss the get togethers and all happy faces when we was all together I need that life style back in my life to me family is important and I must stay in contact with them all the time this time in life we have had time to reflect on many things and we should change to better ourself and others a simple hello good morning and or your hair is nice would make someones day lets try it and love each other because we are all different and we need one another

have you ever so intrigue doing something and you get a call?

I really get upset when you are doing something you like and you are in your zone and someone calls you to interrupt you but then again when your not doing nothing no-one calls you nor bothers you it is so upsetting when it is done like people the timing is bad now any who what are you guys doing?

or when you are getting ready to film a video and you get that call in the process of the video it is so annoying you guys but yeah on the good note god bless everyone and I hope your being safe and healthy

so their will be a haul planner related in my sparklebeautyplans on youtube

I just recorded the video their will be to parts to the video being that when you are not doing nothing people decides to call or video call you it is cut in to I hope you guys enjoy the video it has a game and lots of planner related items shown their so now I have lots of amazing goodies popping up their I hope you guys enjoy the content I have for you their and let me know what you guys think bout the video and if their is something you would like me to change or add to the channel I will post picture of the items I show in my channel here so that you can see them and maybe buy them for your self I am obsessed with these shops and I want more items some of the shops I am gonna mention are

paper muse crafts

Sadies stickers

amazon a5 pocket dividers and today rulers

animal crossing game for the Nintendo switch

I have been obsess with these shops to the point I joined the cloth and paper mostly stationary and penmanship subscription monthly I can’t wait for may it will be my first box and I can share it with you guys

hey everyone I have to say I messed up on my diet with this quarantine I gain 9 pound omygod? can you believe this!

so today I will doing the military diet with the boyfriend because he to mess up on his diet we have to make sure our routine those not mess up during quarintin it is easy for you to get distracted and mess up on your diet first of all I for once can’t afford to mess on my diet I use to weight 165 pounds yes and I am only 5 3 and that’s bad for me and my health I work hard to loose the weight to bring it back up I like to stay in the 130 to 135 range and because I feel good in that weight so that being said I will post a picture of the military diet for those of you that want to join us is only for three days but you have to weight your self first to keep accountable my weight is 145.6 and my boyfriend is 298.4 so yeah we mess up so we are gonna do this diet and see how much we loose in three days mind this is all you can eat in the day and water but

Day one:

meal number 1 breakfast  is have a great fruit one toast and black coffee

meal number 2 lunch is one cup of coffee one toast one can of tunafish but no mayo nor condiments

meal number 3 dinner water 3 ounces of any meat green beans have of a banana one cup of vanilla ice-cream

Day 2:

Breakfast : one toast bread one boiled egg have a banana water

Lunch: one cup of cottage cheese one boiled egg 5 crackers water

Dinner: two hot dogs have banana one cup broccoli one have cup carrots have cup ice scream

Day 3:

breakfast: one slice of cheddar one small apple 5 crackers water

lunch: one toast bread one boiled egg

Dinner: one cup of tuna have banana one cup of ice-cream


I have done this military diet a few times and I have to say it those work you loose like 4 to 6 pounds you just have to have will power and be mentally prepared to do this diet it is only three days but you have to be true to yourself and get through it  I will post picture of the meals here soon so you can get a visual of how it is

if your gonna try this diet please let me know and we can do it together I start today with my boyfriend this is our punishment for messing up but we will back in our feet again

stay safe and social distancing is the key to fight this crisis godless everyone