hello dear friends i am back!

boy o boy have i have some knews to share with you about Vogue Knitting live 2018 and plus my birthday gifts and what not and yes there is stash enhancement and projects and more yes check out my youtube videos i am also doing some blogs here in there as well  and yes you guys i will be posting more videos and i am getting usto the whole youtube blogg thing and yeah their will be more of me cuming this week.

ladycraftsalot83 Podcast on youtube this is episode 14

Hey everyone im back

i havent been on here because i am also learning how to use my silhoutte portrait sticker cutter i might also sell stickers in my etsy we will see even though i havent cut anything yet but i am learning how to create my own template and when i am ready i will post pictures of what i have so far i have been into bullet journal planners for ages and i finally am ready to make stickers is just the how to that is hard but we will get you guys will luv my stickers i will be making funcional stickers and a couple of deco sheets as well lets see how it work.

What planner to use hmmmmm what planner you use?

I go back and forth with the Filofax and happy planner and bullet journal

I like the Filofax because I have the personal size and it fit in my purses 👛 and luv that I can adjust it my way 

I luv the happy planner because I luv that you can change things around and put and takeout what you want 

I luv the bullet journal because is one notebook and you can put everything in it you can work as you go and you can do collections and i don’t know it just seems easier I luv the pages because you can use fountain pens and water coloring that is amazing 

Witch is your favorite?