I am super exited today

so my dad woke up today and ask ma mamy why you haven’t went to see your knitting friends I said because don’t want no one to complain to watch my kids and he said well all you have to do is ask me and you can go they are my grandkids so they don’t bother me I said you sure he said get ready and go you deserve it and plus haven’t seen them in a couple of months because the hole drama situation with your ex so yeah their are great things happening in my life after all I am super exited to be there today and see all my friends at lionbrand yarn studios the workers and my friends I am so exited its been a while also I created some stickers today as well super productice day for me yeyyyyyyy so far a great start to the day

hey everyone how was your day!

my day was amazing stress free and also kind of relax because my locks to my house got jam and I couldn’t get in the house so if you know my temper I was raging to the max but then my friend Luis came over and fix it for me thank god I was so scared because is my house but before that happened I had left to go to my appointment today early and I find out that my doctor wont be coming back no more so that kind of got me upset but I went with it and saw another doctor and yeah that went well and then I needed to go to Michaels craft store and do some retail damage and I got some planner items and I felt good but when I got home the door happened then as if that wasn’t enough the Zumba teacher couldn’t give the class today because her sons were sick and she went to the hospital ok but ok I kind of let that go because I cant get over worked but I took my kids to eat pizza and then we went to my mothers house and so I felt relax and Luis was there and he maid me feel special he had cooked for me and yeah you guys he is amazing almost to good to be true kind of way but I was supper happy and my mom was so nice as always and we had a great time then I came home and maid some planner stickers and I am really enjoying the silhouette portrait is the best machine to create your stickers and I luv making my own stickers later I will show you guys what I have created and so that maid my day from a rough day start anything is possible if you find a way to distract your self trust me I have anger problems and I have very little patience for stupidities