who factor! can you believe apple was charging me for numerous apps and I was not aware of it?

I wasn’t looking into my bank account before because I was stress or into some thing and never really looked into my bank account. until my boyfriend ask me why are you being charge numerous times on apple and my response was I don’t know. so then one day we decided to look into it and realize that almost $300.00 was being charge in a month but I never realize it. so I called my bank and the bank file a claim and I was returned almost $500 dollars back. so be aware to where your money is going because all this time I could of been saving or buying things for the house and I was being scam. any who the situation was fix and I no longer have that problem. I tell you one thing I make sure to look at my bank statement everyday to make sure I am not being scam again. thanks to my boyfriend I am now aware of this matter and check my status on a daily basis.

has anyone of ya seen my latest podcast? if not you need to go check it out?

I have to admit I am so proud of myself I have finish four projects yes who am I but I did finish four projects. a pair of baby socks and no I am not pregnant. also I finished my shawl in a ball shawl. a yarn cozy lite by the amazing designer nitty natty I have to say this was super fast knit and I will be making plenty of these. they are great to use your scrap yarn sock weight or worsted I think is super easy to adapt to any weight yarn. I also finish my neon socks. the pattern I use for the socks was by the crazy sock lady the name of the pattern is the Austin sock name after one of her sons. the pair I finish these four projects in two weeks who am I! I am now working on my sons sweater sleeves the truth is I got distracted with the yarn cozy and the baby socks. yeah they are so adorable and super easy to knit. the yarn cozy is a paid for pattern but is worth it. I also show a couple of gifts I got for mothers day and my wips and some stash enhancements. check it out and let me know if you guys like the podcast.

hey everyone! apparently apple was acting up! it didn’t let me post nothing!

so how is everyone doing? I have been trying to blog but somehow it didn’t go through hopefully this goes through! so I have been shopping so much online! have you, I mean I have bought things for the house and things for pleasure for me and my family. the kids rooms are done thank god. now on to the living room and the craft room now and my soon to be little bed room! I can’t wait till the house is done! but then what is there to do next I don’t know but ill figure something out I can promise you to keep myself and the hubby occupied. we have been enjoying each others company al though sometimes we can’t stand each other.

hey everyone sorry for not being on is pms time?

yesterday was a hard day for me the first day is the worst and I had to lay down the pain was massive and I drunk a pain pill and was sleeping all day but yes I did eat and the kids did their homework and work and clean but after that the Elmo came in mess up my day any who I am ok and up and running today so today I am kinda ok and knitting and spending time with my kids and playing around great day so far. how you spend your day? also I have been on this patter by knittynatty is the yarn cozy light it is a easy and chatter friendly knit this is for your yarn cake or balls not to get unravel she is a genius I have been knitting on this today and nothing else so far and I am almost done with this I can’t wait to finish it and post a picture with my yarn cake inside super fun knit guys

so I spend the majority of the day saving my inserts I have purchased in a folder? even my stickers!

it did take most of the day well till now but I even got my inserts in folder named a5 a6 happy planner mini and classic personal wide personal and half letter size so that when I need an insert I can find the folder depending on the planner I am using so I don’t need to look in Etsy to find the inserts. also did that with the printable stickers I purchased on Etsy as well. now I can find what I need even faster. this makes me happy. to be organize and to know where things are. so yeah I have to say I finish my shawl yesterday and my socks the day before both of them on to my sons sleeves and yes I am happy I finished two wips in two days yeah I am on a role. any who have a great day everyone.

Good morning everyone? How you doing?

I woke super exited for the day ahead today! lots to do but I first started with my breakfast and what is my breakfast! I had my Herbalife shake and tea and my tablets for the day. super happy to start the day relax. witch is something that happens rarely but ill take it. lots to do today! sweep and mop my bedroom, put my girls unicorn pictures on their wall, make a calendar for them to have certain task to do on a daily basis, I have to print some inserts for my a5 I am also thinking to use it on my half letter size to lets see if that fits, read my book, blog, watch youtube, finish my sons sweater well the sleeves I mean, so yeah have my day cut out also cooking. what to cook? it has to be healthy you guys have any ideas?

has anyone experienced lack of sleep? do to being locked in!

I haven’t noticed that for two weeks straight I haven’t got any sleep! I have been watching youtube and knitting super late at night and somehow did not noticed that time has pass me by! I have to say I have been moody a bit. but did not noticed that because of lack of sleep things been bothering me a bit.

well my dear friends from the inter webs let me tell you it is real, the struggle is real, being that I have lupus my doctors band me from being outside. my immune system is trash apparently and I cannot be outside so that I don’t get corona virus or any virus in the air. Jesus this has taken a toll on me, and I didn’t even noticed. with all the painting and rearanging the rooms in the house and playing animal crossing. it has acured to me that being in lock down has cause me to stress and I also have a severe sleep apnea thing going on. it those bother me that I can’t go outside nor the fact that this is it for now. and that I am stuck at home. I miss the fresh air. and going to get a coffee. I miss my freedom. I miss browsing through the stores. this has stressed me in a way I never thought it would. omg I miss my mom so much, I mean do FaceTime but it is not the same at all. I miss drinking coffee with her and laughing at dome stuff and spending time together. and yes I am still a child I like to bother my mother I mean that’s my job. my dad was sick not so long ago and was taken to the hospital and I couldn’t be there. that killed me why because my immune system is trash I couldn’t be there.

I also been blessed to see my fiber family through zoom but it is not the same. I miss the face to face and just talking bout yarn and other things while being together. I really miss the fresh air of being outside. I have try to keep myself dizzy and try not to think about what is going on but the truth is I have been thinking bout everything and it bothers me that we have to be locked in. I mean I am not ignorant I know that this is to keep us safe because what’s going on in the world is dangerous and this is the safe way to do it social distancing.

I am not allow to be outside is all I can think of! the truth this is the safe way to be. this is also scary that we are going through this but I hope they find the cure soon. even though I know life will never be the same. some people deserve to breath some air. I am moody is true, lack of sleep plays a big part in it.

so last night I drunk a sleeping pill! yes you herd me I had to because I feel to moody at times and I take things out on my boyfriend at times and he don’t deserve it! you might see me as a bitch but the truth is I am human and tired of being in the house. but any who I drunk the pill I did get some sleep last night I am feeling a little better today. hopefully I can fall asleep tonight without the medication because I don’t want to be like some people that get adicted to these medications because that is horrible. ill try to go to sleep without them tonight and let you guys know how it goes.

my boyfriend is such a sweet heart he got me a Dagne dover bag he is the sweetest men on earth I hope he can forgive my temper tantrum because lack of sleep plays a big part in this and I don’t mean it.

I hope everyone is doing better then me and enjoying the breaze when need be and have a bless night everyone

my kids are doing good thank god and things will get better god willing!

today was a chill type of day? anyone wants to loose weight or gain or maintain their weight and live a healthy life? care to join me! (Herbalife products works) I am a believer I use them and I have lost 25 pounds in two months!who wants to join me?

I am supervisor in Herbalife I am also a coach and I help people eat better and guide them to a better start in the product of what they need to maintain the weight or to loose the weight truth be told I also use the products and I can advice you it works if you do It right. I have herd that oh but I use to use it and I gain the weight back fast! the questions were you doing it right were you eating right and exercising on a regular? were you following your coach instructions? I guaranteed success if you do it the right way! also my boyfriend became a preferred member and he is super exited! we are super exited to help those in need to loose or gain or even maintain the weight. we also give you a chat where team beauty stay in communication and post meals they eat on a daily basis for them to be accounted for. it is not hard just how much you want it and are you gonna push for you to meat your goals. that’s is the question? if you would like to join me in this amazing team beauty journey let me know their are also a guys group as well they also have their chat groups where they post their meals and ask for advice also if your interested in joining the business with me let me know we can both help each other and others as well! don’t get discourage try it out with me and I will help you meet your goals! in my blog I make sure to post the truth of my life and what I am doing and engaging on so that you can see that I am a real person and that this is not to sell products only but advice and help when need be!


team beauty has helped me love me and work on what I considered my flaws. trust me I learn to love myself and my skin but I do struggle sometime with life. I have psoriasis and that’s a big thing in my life. is something I have been dealing with since I was 8 years old. and I hate it to be honest. I also feel ugly at times. but my group and my coach always remind me that I am beautiful and that I just have to work eating healthy and working out and to use products that don’t have so much alcohol in them so that it don’t irritate my condition. also I have been using the soap from herbalife and it has help me a lot my skin is not as dry as it was before and I love it. we also have empowering days where we sit together via life or zoom and we talk about our goals and how we feel and what we want to change and we give each other advice. and when we fall back down we all push each other back up! why because this is like a sisterhood we stick together no matter what and we have to help one another no matter the consequences! their times we all are going through some things in our personal life that brings us back to the dark hole but we have to know that we have each other to help us get back up!

this is my truth let me know if your interested and if you would like me add you to team beauty!

Here we are with the results of the air fryer?

ok so it took more then 20 minutes but over all it was so juicy and yummy i did not put no oil or nothing just sessoning and i put them in aluminum foil and walla but super fast to cook and we enjoy it with a salad my boyfriend made i feel is worth it to get one especially when you are eating healthy and this makes it ten times much more easy to cook

hey everyone today was an amazing relaxing day for me!

I know I have to post the pictures of my air fryer with the chicken wings and drumsticks! I haven’t forgot but my Fone is currently charging right now so yeah as soon as it charges I will definitely post the pictures here for you guys truth be told it came out amazing.

ok so today I had a great morning wake. my kids came to the room and gave me a hug and told me they love me and that maid my day for sure. to top it off my daughters teacher helped me with some situation with google classroom. and now I can help my girls with their work. thank god!

my son maid oatmeal witch everyone loves when he makes it super creamy and yummy. no arguments today and the girls were super nice and calm something that barely happens here. but it helps for them to be a little at ease. but I don’t know if you know but I have two autistic with developmental delays beautiful twins and hyper active girls that keep me going for the most part. but today is and was an amazing day they cope with their work and play with their toys and put things away when told to and that barely happens so yeah great day.

my son did his work as well and tone down the attitude he had for the past few days being that he is hyper active and bypolar and that’s something that he fluctuate with from time to time. over all my son is super smart and very loving and caring he just come at you a little sometimes and you know as parents we have to check it. but once nip in the but he is back to normal again. but my son to me is the most important person in my life he is the one that makes sure I am ok and that no-one disrespects me at all he is just the best I don’t make no decisions with out him what so ever. but for the most part we have a huge understanding of each other.

I knit on my neon socks today I want to get the gussets its decrease to just knit in the round and I am loving these thus far. loving the colors guys I am in love with these regia socks.

I must get back into reading books so tomorrow ill read my book and let you know if I did read it or not.

so how are you guys doing? if you have kids with autism and developmental delays how you cope with it? and is their any pointers you can give me? to ease my work as a parent I love my kids dearly and if their is something you have done with your kids different I would like for you to give me advice?

until soon when I post the air fryer result of the drum sticks and wigs stay tune

have you been moody? because I have!

sometimes I give attitude to my boyfriend and he don’t deserve it but sometimes he is a bit to clingy maybe is me but the truth is I am tired of being coop up in the home with him all day the truth is he is a sweet heart but I need my space I don’t mean to be rude but I am like that sometimes and I don’t like be smuder I know is wrong but maybe god needs to send him a job as soon as possible because seeing him all day aint working the truth is he is amazing and such a nice men but I feel like this quarantine is driving me nuts I just miss my space to be outside and come home and wait for him when he came home from work am I wrong for that? I don’t know what do you think?


have you ever wonder where those your money goes? do you even keep track of your subscriptions? maybe is time to check these things out now!

wao truth be told I didn’t know I spend so much on a monthly basis. I did not know I had 33 subscriptions yeah isn’t this crazy omg but then when I look at the types of subscriptions I couldn’t believe on what on makeup on online knitting things I don’t even check on this made me laugh because I can’t believe I did this to myself like who those that I did am I ashamed of it yes I could’ve spend the money on useful things I made sure to unsubscribes to these subscriptions because the majority of them I didn’t need I know we love Ipsy but do we really use all the product that comes in it also FabFitFun is another subscription that is super expensive and I don’t use the majority of the items that comes in it so I maid sure to unsubscribes to these things I don’t need and now I can plan on paying my credit cards and focus on other things that are more important to me like saving for a house and to get a car eventually and buying new furniture for the house

I think now that we have the time we should look into our expenses and see where our money is going to and make better choices subscribe to things your gonna use and safe some money

hey everyone how you guys holding on?

what are your plans for the day? It is so sad that is such a pretty day and we can’t go out with the kids this is starting to get harder for me to manage because ive been in doors for like two months and I feel like I am going to go crazy with all this crazy situation goin on. I try so many to stay focus and not let it get to me and yes I’m running out of things to do in the house I fix the kids room soon will be working on my yarn room and my bedroom swap but after that the living room is super easy to do but then what lord knows I have try to stay positive with this but how much longer are we gonna live like this and why did all this happened?

it almost feels like a horror movie!

any who today I will wash clothes and cancel some subscriptions that I don’t necessary need or care for to safe money. I also will like to delete my emails but their are two many of them and it takes so much time to do so. but the truth is my fault for not checking my emails am I the only one that those that? because I think many of us have a tendency to accumulate lots of emails and just ignore it.

Any who today I will remain positive and make it works I promise if not I will go crazy.

last night Tommy pavan Edward and myself play some monopoly that was nice some family time is great. I maid the kids turn of their games so that we can play board games. we had a great time. this will be our new thing to do play board games watch movies.

my girls came back from my moms house they were their for the weekend and they had so much fun baking cupcakes and mixing batter and decorating them. I am so happy my mom spend time with them. it gives me a small break from all the crazy when we are coop up in the house not being able to do the normal witch by the way I don’t know what that is anymore. yeah so let the day begin strong and pray everything goes back to our normal or what ever that is now I don’t think anything will be back to normal no more. but for us to have our freedom back would be nice but I mean we have to be safe and god willing this pandemic goes away soon.

so this is great news guys?

me and my friends are gonna do a zoom today all the knitters and I can’t wait we did it before and it was amazing I have to say I enjoy it it was like if we was together and we enjoy it we show the projects we are making and we chitchat about life and then some?

I really miss when me and my knitting friends got together and knit and chitchat in person and gave each other gifts and just hang out I can’t wait till this is over I need air

hey everyone I have some sad news?

I have been feeling so down lately! I notice my psoriasis have been flaring worse then before and I am feeling a bit or shall I say super down lately I feel horrible like a skelly fish and it is bothering me last night I had a nerve breakdown and I swear their are times when is minor and times like yesterday when is worse also feeling like my boyfriend might leave me do to this matter for someone else any who that’s not the case thank god but in my previous relationship my ex had maid me feel so uncomfortable and had told me that it don’t matter who is with me eventually they will leave me because I look disgusting I know I am not suppose to listen to his crap right but certain words hits hard I know I am no longer in that relationship but those words lingered in my mind when ever the psoriasis gets worse I swear I am a positive person but when it comes to this subject guys I am week I swear I try every cream and laser light for it and nothing I also have history with this condition when I was 8 I had this all over my body but I was a little girl then but it also went away I just been dealing with this for the past 4 years now but this time it don’t want to go away this is crazy I feel so ugly sad down and then some I know I am beautiful I just don’t believe it sometimes or when the psoriasis gets worse I am with an amazing men now and I don’t want him to feel disgusted at me or by seeing me like this I tend to not want him in the bathroom if I shower because I don’t want him to see me or when we are in the bed room I tend to always have the light off because I don’t want him to be disgusted I let my past nail me with all the negative and is hard to move past that I really feel bad I know I have a nice body shape and I look good with clothes but when it comes to looking in the mirror I see that nasty person I need to get my self esteem up again I was never like this I didn’t care what others thought about me but this is a sensitive subject for me I just want you guys to know that their are things I am not proud of and I struggle with because truth be told I am not perfect at all trust me and I struggle through this for the past 4 years and I need to stay positive but when I see my self in the mirror I see ugly and have of the time I don’t want to look at myself because of this!

here you have something personal about me that I am not proud of!

I’ve notice a few things about myself I’m not proud but can’t control?

I have noticed that my mood changes from time to time sometimes I am happy then in a split second I am In bad mood also sometimes I take small insignificant things out of the boyfriend I feel bad but it really is something I can’t control he is so good to me i swear being bipolar and skitsofrenik and the mood swings are bad I really need to go outside and breath I hope he don’t get tired of me I love him so much he is everything to me I have never felt at piece since we started he makes me happy he such a sweet heart I wish I could control my temper but it is not on me I can’t control it I feel too much pressure being in door I need air and to go out this quarantine is killing me truth be told I miss getting air and going out even if its for a little bit