I manage to finish my dads hat the day before yesterday I haven’t been crafting or into none of my project being that I am going through tough times now but I recently started doing things and slowly getting into my crafting and it feels good I forgot how good it those to me to craft the joy it brings me to make something and to give to others I kind of lost myself in all that’s happened but I am slowly getting myself back together god willing things will go back to its norms and everything will be ok thank you Jesus and Virgin Mary

I am so sorry I haven’t been on here

Lot of things has happened in the past two months that has broken me down and destroy me as a mom and a women but god is good he don’t give certain things to deal with you can’t handle it this time the storm is thundering and the weather is bad but I will overcome this challenge in my and things will fall into shape soon I am a great mother and I know the truth I am innocent of what I am accused and the truth will set me free and things will get back into normal god willing have you ever gone through a rough path and felt alone and like you can’t breath like everything is you and you feel like there is no air for you because that’s how I feel tough times for me right now also this can lighter make you or brake you life is hard not impossible and I will fight for my rights and go on as the normal human mom dad I am to my kids